Paranormal Help


  1. Deanna says:

    you are needed – I wrote you a while back…didn’t really know how to announce myself- understand that I do not present MYSELF…and I really don’t know or care to convince anybody of me. I’m in a war to the death – the body of Christ doesn’t understand it’s power, so many all bound up and we serve them & equip them training in a kingly anointing, taking authority over all the forces of darkness. Our numbers are low but I am expecting a very large audience. We are the remnant serving with the intent to occupy in a harvest under extreme circumstances. I did a recent show I would like to expand into a special presentation regarding marine spirits. If you answer me this time I am willing to invite you to contribute according to it’s relavance and the timing of God… because we don’t do anything without His direction. Let me know please, if you would be interested. In all things we pray for your shalom, the peace that surpasses all understanding. – Sister Deanna / daughter of the Most High God ~ see &

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