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  1. Ruth Pointon says:

    I love this series, can I get the whole series so I can study it from the beginning. I don’t believe I have seen your postings before but they are amazing and what a lot of work you have done.

  2. Jeff says:

    great site good work! may God bless you and your work

  3. This is truly an “AWESOME” study. May I have your permission to use this in my Discipleship training classes?

  4. Victor Tillinghast says:

    Excellent work–do you have a newsletter? Please email me @ Victor Tillinghast

  5. Ms. Virginia, please, let me first say that the God has truly anointed, blessed and equipped you with a ministry & a message for the ages. As I first visited your site I thought I had just stumbled upon yet another website with alot of cool graphics and slogans but as I continued browsing, it was clear to me that this is truly a ministry from the Heart of God Himself. As a Pastor and Discipler let me say that I support the call to arms ministry of Endtimeswatcher and will earnestly pray for you, your staff and all that is affiliated with this ministry. With your permission, I would like you use some of your discipship teachings with my staff (acknowledging its origin of course) so that we may become more united in the cause For Christ. May the Lord keep and protect you , equip and direct you until He comes. In Jesus name, Amen.

  6. Hi Virginia,
    Could you please send me the complete chapters of the Call to Arms. I’m not seeing how to access earlier postings on your website.
    Guy Stanton III

  7. Alvaro Burucker says:

    Finally ..some light and true the web,,,not surprise,,the clock already stop last night..please keep me in contact…time to grab the light uniform…and protect the children..

  8. revueblanche says:

    Since you put it about several cart00ns children watch nowadays on TV (so you already did more than half -of- the task) , I shall remiond or ASK you whether you knew that “UNCLE DONALD” or “DONALD DUCK” is in fact a very terrific EVIL character ! …

  9. revueblanche says:

    Since you put it so wisely about several cart00ns children watch nowadays on TV (so you already did more than half -of- the task) , I shall then remind or ASK you whether you knew that “UNCLE DONALD” or “DONALD DUCK” is in fact a very terrific EVIL character ! …

  10. Judith Ann McDermid (Malan) says:

    Dear Virginia,
    Thank you for the extraordinary insights revealing your Soldier’s heart. Thank you for the exact artwork as designed by GOD and His Beloved Son and inspired by His Sovereign Breath: His LORD Holy Spirit.
    May Romans 15:13 reside in your heart for today.
    May your continue as instructed by Him for this End Times Period in which we reside.
    Yours truly, another Gatekeeper.
    Judith Malan
    My Call to Arms: Habakkuk 2:3

  11. mary espinosa hewitt says:

    I love your are truly gifted. Thank you so much for sharing your God given knowledge. I have a Women’s Support Group called F.L.O.W.E.R.S. and I find your art of women very captivating for my lessons. I also enjoy your lessons as well. You are a blessing.
    Thank you and God bless

  12. mary espinosa hewitt says:

    I have great admiration for your humble spirit. You are truly a trophy of God, and your ministry is living proof of a living God.

    May God continue to richly bless you.

    • Thank you, Mary. I am doing my best to be a humble servant of GOD. I can only hope I measure up to HIS standards… to do my best, and remain humble and continue to be a messenger. Love, V

  13. mary espinosa hewitt says:

    Well when I see your work, I can hear Him say well done they good and faithful servant. I love your artwork I use them for my Women’s Ministry called F.L.O.W.E.R.S.. For Love Of Women Enduring Real Storms.

  14. godwinosung says:

    Greetings from Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria.Need to have a direct talk with you. send me your contact

  15. Ravish Katyal says:


    You all know what, I have gone through a lot. Whenever I asked for help from a man of God, I never received it. They demand money and they even treat like hell.

    Whenever I directly demand help from God, I have seen it by myself that I have received it.

    I just have one question.

    Why all the man of God denies and why God accepts?

    If men of God are connected to God, why God do not tell them about me.

    • Well, I will answer the best I know how….first of all; go to GOD for help not man; if you’re not getting the help you need then you might consider the source. If they are not acting like men then it’s very sad, indeed. Talk to GOD about it. That’s my go-to for everything! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Lynn says:

    Hello Virginia
    I would appreciate your opinion regarding Apple products, given the logo, beliefs of the founder, and causes they support. Also, there are so many anti-Christian companies that produce consumer goods. What’s a Christian to do?

    • We can’t get around the fact that the elite rule over everything due to the fact that they control money.
      My intention with products are what GOD contemplates. HE knows our heart!
      So, with that I will say….GO SERVE YOUR KING!

  17. Lynn says:

    Thank you for your response and your time. You are amazing! Merry Christmas!

  18. preachercvr says:

    Cool…where can I get an original of the background for the “Fruit of the Spirit – Are you ‘Son-ripened'” slide?

  19. Christiamwarriorsoflightandliberation2018 says:

    Really enjoy your enlightening articles that has opened up our eyes to the true God’s scriptures(doctrines)..We would like to be added to your email list.It would be much appreciated!6

  20. Is this a joke? Do you realize I expose the DARKNESS, and you are part of it!!! Nice try tho…

    • Is Rael says:

      The ‘darkness’ you speak of, I am interested in what you mean? Darkness being the Truth, of course

      • Seriously…how can darkness bring truth! GOD is Light and everything in it.
        Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!
        Truth comes from ONLY GOD and HIS WORD.

      • Is Rael says:

        Good evening.

        Everything in the material world is illusion. That being so, the light that enables us to see this illusion thus trapped in this realm is not a ‘good’ thing. Ergo, darkness, in this respect, hides the illusion of the material realm therefore is Truth.
        Also, your wording seems to suggest that you see darkness as outside of GOD. This would then suggest that there is something equal to and outside of GOD. I hope this is not what you meant as darkness and light are both a part of GOD. All that there is, is a part of GOD and cannot be any other way as we would be ‘watering’ down All that God IS by doing so. And please, GOD is not a He, or She, for that matter. GOD is both and none.

        I hope this finds you well.

      • Yes, it’s true GOD created everything but Satan takes it and twists it for his own benefit. GOD knows the end to the beginning, so HE knew what Satan would do. Darkness is not the Light of GOD, which you refer to.
        We are mere humans and can only SPECULATE the truth. So, in effect this means we are GUESSING.
        When referring to GOD, we speak of a HE…and I do this intentionally. The “mother” aspect you speak of is again…the occult version of GOD.
        We will never equal GOD in power or in attributes, we only possess traits of HIS image. Therefore, we will NEVER become gods.
        Sadly the world we see today is driven by Satan and his army of darkness…and this is what you call god? Very sad, indeed.
        I mean no disrespect but the Jesus this world knows is the Ascended Master, a fallen angel. A false messiah…who will be on center stage before long. The Roman Catholic Church has saw to it that the world see this false messiah as the real Son of GOD…but it’s fake and everything about it is false light. This is the light which you speak of.

  21. James Pierce says:

    I would like to use the photo of the city under the sea for a book cover is there a charge. Please contact me with a replay as soon as possible. thank you

    • tomhindman says:

      Send me a copy or a link of the photo that you speak of.

      On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 11:06 AM Mystery of the Iniquity wrote:

      > James Pierce commented: “I would like to use the photo of the city under > the sea for a book cover is there a charge. Please contact me with a replay > as soon as possible. thank you” >

    • The photos I create are made for the article…most times I use a photo which is off a free site, but they are not meant for personal gain…only to make a point. I don’t sell them, nor do I actually use them for any other purpose. If you want to use something…feel free.

  22. gregory says:

    what if you have already had sex and she is carrying your child and you plan on marrying her but you told her that it was wrong to began with to have sex but she got her way now whats done is done and you told her you wanted to wait to have sex again until you both were married but now she has issues with wanting sex all the time from me and i want to wait what do i do about this and is it bad to keep having sex please help me with this thanks

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