A Pauper’s Dream

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Bible Truths, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Satan, Warfare, Witchcraft


The word, ‘pauper’ is not one we use on a regular basis here in the United States. It’s something which our country has not seen or experienced in many years, but that is changing.
The actual term came from the English Poor Laws, and it was the usage of charitable assistance provided by either public or private avenues. Although it hasn’t came to that point quite yet, it’s quickly becoming hard to make ends meet.
Ahhh…the daydream of playing the lottery and becoming rich! Many people I know play the lottery. They spend their hard-earned money on the one-in-a-billion chance at becoming ‘rich’. Someone told me once that GOD doesn’t give everyone that kind of money because they wouldn’t know how to use it…


10. Urooj Khan, $1 million
46-year-old Chicago native Urooj Khan had sworn off lottery tickets, yet took one last try at the lotto and actually won in June 2012. Khan decided to accept one lump sum instead of receiving his earnings in payments, and was awaiting his check when tragedy struck. After the check was sent on July 19, 2012, Khan mysteriously passed away the very next day. Medical examiners determined his death was due to natural causes, finding no trace of foul play. But when a relative urged the police to conduct further investigation and testing, it was discovered that Khan had actually ingested cyanide, a lethal poison. The bitter white powder which can kill a person in minutes was reason to change the case to a homicide investigation which is still open today.


9. Callie Rogers, $3 million
Many 16 year old girls are too busy with school, boys and arguing with parents to even think of playing the lottery. But Callie Rogers knew she would win one day, and her luck paid off when she won £1.9 million (3 million U.S) in her UK hometown. Callie naively began spending her money on everything she could think of; clothes, parties, vacations, breast implants…oh and the good old cocaine addiction. Nearly six years later, Callie was broke and in debt- she attempted to take her own life twice. After recovering from her traumatic experience, she took a job as a made to support herself and her two children. Poor girl.


8. Evelyn Adams, $5.4 million
Evelyn Adams was a very rare case in lottery winning history. She was fortunate enough to win the jackpot twice, earning a total of $5.4 million in 1985 and 1986. But the ever so classic gambling addiction began to kick in as soon as Adams cashed in her earnings- and Atlantic City became her second home. After a series of unfortunate investments and a losing streak at the casino, Evelyn found herself extremely broke and living in a trailer park.


7. Alex and Rhoda Toth, $13 million
1990 was the year that married couple Alex and Rhoda Toth chose their $13 million lotto ticket. As they opted to receive $666,666 a year for 20 years, things seemed to be going extremely well for the newly wealthy couple. After a spending spree in Las Vegas, the couple returned to their home state of Florida to purchase a new home and plenty of land. But 16 years later, they were officially broke! Alex was arrested numerous times for growing marijuana plants and writing bad checks. A couple of legal troubles later, and they were down to living in a tiny trailer on a half-acre of land (their only source of electricity was a wire connected from their cars engine to the trailer). In 2006 they were caught for tax evasion, and sadly Alex passed away while awaiting trial.


6. Michael Carroll, $15 million
One of the youngest lottery winners ever, UK born Michael Carroll won won his fortune at the age of 19 – which many would feel is an extremely young age to become an instant millionaire. Carroll (who was a garbageman before) began using his fortune on his family, purchasing them new homes and gifts. He later began to blow money on his serious addictions to crack cocaine, gambling and prostitutes-at least four women a day. Fast forward to eight years later, and Michael is back to hauling trash as a garbageman, which he says he is happier because of his journey. Highly doubt it.


5. William Post, $16.2 million
The year was 1988, and the $16.2 million jackpot was won by Mr. William Post of Pennsylvania. But Post was not so bright when it came to his spending habits and money management. Two weeks after he received his first annual payment of 500,000, he had already purchased a restaurant, a used-car lot, and an airplane..Yes you read that correctly. And within three months he was half a million dollars in debt, but seemed to have bigger problems than his spending issues. Posts brother was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill him and his sixth wife…you also read that correctly. His landlady convinced the naive Post to hand over a third of his earnings, while is family convinced him to invest in horrible business ventures. After facing a jail stint for firing his gun at a bill collector, William eventually filed for bankruptcy. “Everybody dreams of winning money, but nobody realizes the nightmares that come out of the woodwork, or the problems,” Post said in 1993, according to the Washington Post.

4. Janite Lee, $18 million
Janite Lee was an immigrant from South Korea who worked at a wig shop before she hit the Illinois lottery in 1993. However she was a different type of winner, as she wanted to spend her money on something other than herself. After she moved her family into a million dollar gated community, she spent her $620,000 a year earnings on many philanthropic efforts. She contributed a lot of money into political parties, which found her dining with Bill Clinton and Al Gore. She also donated to the education system, which earned her name on a reading room at Washington University School Of Law. Looks like not everyone goes crazy once they win! However, Lee later sold the rights to her annual lottery lump sum payment plan, and less than a decade later, she was in bankruptcy court. Lee mismanaged her money, and in 2001 she filed for Chapter 7 with less than $800 dollars to her name- and more than $2.5 million in debt!


3. Jeffrey Dampier, $20 million
When Jeffrey Dampier won the lotto in 1996, he pledged to use the money to bring his family closer together, relocating his parents and family to his newly purchased Florida estate. He then invested his earnings into a gourmet popcorn store in Tampa, and employed some of his family members to work there. Tragedy struck in 2005, when Jeffrey was called by his his sister-in-law Victoria Jackson to come over to her house and help with car trouble. When he arrived to the home, Jeffrey was confronted by Victoria and her boyfriend Nathaniel, who used a pistol to force him back into the car, ultimately kidnapping him. They tied his hands with his shoelaces, and drove him to a dead-end street where Nathaniel gave Victoria the gun and told her to shoot Dampier, or he would. After Victoria pulled the trigger and killed Dampier, the couple ran away on foot. They were soon caught, seeing as Dampier was last heard from telling his family he was headed to see Victoria. The couple was arrested three days later and both convicted of murder. Victoria Jackson received three life sentences in September 2006, and Nathaniel Jackson received life in 2007.


2. Billie Bob Harrell Jr., $31 million
Billie Bob was a Pentecostal preacher working as a bag boy in Home Depot before he won a staggering $31 million in 1997. Upon winning, Billie spent modestly, purchasing a new home and car, but nothing out of the ordinary. The trouble began when the preacher began loaning out money to his newly discovered friends and family who claimed they needed help. Not even two years later, Billie Bob found himself completely broke, because surprisingly no one paid him the money back as they had promised to do (shocker). When he and his wife Barbara separated due to the stress and financial woes, Harrell couldn’t handle the world any longer. He ended up committing suicide 20 months after his big win.


1. Jack Whittaker, $315 million
When Jack Whittaker won the Powerball in 2002, he went down as the man who one the largest jackpot by a single ticket–a total of $315 million! The 55 year old West Virginia native owned Diversified Enterprises Construction, and was already worth a reported $17 million before his big win. After winning, the devout religious man gave 10 % of his winnings to Christian charities, and used 14 million to create the Jack Whittaker foundation-not sure why he used his own name. The woman who was working the counter when he purchased the ticket was showered with gifts as well; he bought her a $123,000 house, a new Dodge Ram Truck, and gave her $50,000 cash.
Soon after his record-breaking when, trouble began to surround Jack in all ways. Less than a year after winning, a couple of thieves broke into Jack’s car while it was parked at a strip club, and got away with $545,000 in cash which Whittaker carried around in a suitcase. Why have all that cash in one place? We’re still asking the same question. Soon after, two managers of the exact same strip club he was first robbed, were arrested for conspiring to slip drugs into Jack’s drink and then rob him. It seems as if Jack would have learned his lesson of how much cash to carry around, but he didn’t. In January of 2004, Jack’s car was once again robbed, this time the thieves managed to take another $200 thousand, which was eventually recovered by the police.
Months later 18 year old Jessie Tribble, who was the boyfriend of Jack’s granddaughter Brandi, was found dead in Whittaker’s West Virginia home. The coroner’s determined that Jessie had died of an overdose on a combination of oxycodone, methadone, meperidine, and cocaine. Only three months later, his own granddaughter Brandi had suffered the same fate as she was found dead at the house of a male friend after being reported missing for a week. Her body was found wrapped in a plastic tarpaulin and dumped behind an abandoned van, yet no one was charged with murder-she also suffered an overdose. Jack was completely devastated after the death of Brandi, whom he had practically raised since birth. “I wish I’d torn that ticket up,” he told reporters at the time.
Sadly the hard and devastating times were far from over for Jack, as he was sued by Caesars Atlantic City casino for bouncing $1.5 million in checks to cover his gambling losses. As he was battling the lawsuit with his very own counter suit, his own daughter Ginger (mother of Brandi) was found dead in Daniels, West Virginia. While foul play was not involved, the actual cause of death is still a mystery. Today, it is said that Jack still lives in West Virginia, but is completely broke. $315 million down the drain.

Oh, many of these people will admit that “It’s A Curse”.
What became of these poor people was a great lesson to us. Sadly, many do not learn that money will lead one to ruin.
The one and only time I ever played the lottery was awkward. I walked in, and got the form…and immediately I felt strange. I didn’t know how to put the number in the form, silly right? My family member helped me and I paid the money and we left. Why was it my first and last time? Because to me, it’s a waste of time, and money. I could be spending that money on something more useful.
At my job I hear the phrase, “If I won a million dollars, I would quit this job.” I hear it at least once a day. NO KIDDING. And I’ve even play along…imagining how it would feel to not have to worry about paying my bills, and buying food. You see, I’m not better than anyone else but I worry about the necessities. It’s hard to make ends meet…even with two incomes. Right now, we live off of just mine.


My husband recently had major neck surgery and he will most likely never work again considering it was the first of many he will need. I’ve had seven surgeries myself and was at the point where I wanted, no needed to get disability when he had to have his neck surgery. He has a 9 inch scar from the top on his neck to the mid point of his shoulders. Every disc in his neck was shot, and they needed to do the neck in order to stabilize his spine to be able to do the rest of the surgeries. So, I must work…I don’t have a choice. And there are weeks which pass where I’m not sure if I will make rent. I only make $2.13 an hour. No, that’s not a joke. I’m a server. We literally live off of tips. And most people don’t realize that. So, I work hard to make every dollar that the customer thinks my service was worth.


So you see, I take money very serious but I don’t worship it. I ask GOD to give me everything I have. I will be driving to work, praying and letting GOD know that I trust HIM to make sure we have what we need. And I know I’m not the only one who lives like this!
So, money is important but it doesn’t control me, and it shouldn’t control you. Many times we don’t even recognize the behaviors that may be detrimental to our lives. We must intentionally control our thoughts that flow out of our mind. We must, because they shape our values.

1 Timothy 6 (KJV)
10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Ecclesiastes 5 (KJV)
10 He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase: this is also vanity.

The flesh can’t help but make you want more…
Therefore the flesh must be governed.

Hebrew 11 (KJV)
6, so those who abound in faith, will abound in other graces and good works also; and this will work and show itself by love.



Matthew 16 (KJV)
26 What will it benefit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his life? Or what will a man give in exchange for his life?

Have you ever heard of the story of the man who was a billionaire? He had more money than he could ever spend in a lifetime. But, he became ill. He spent years going from hospital to hospital trying every treatment known to man, but he remained sick still. Don’t you think he would have given it all up to be well again?


But, they through their own poverty might be rich; not in temporal, but in spiritual. They are enriched by Him with the graces of His Spirit; with the truths of The Gospel. Him? Him, who? Jesus Christ, The Son of GOD.
Seriously! There are no words which can explain the transformation in your soul when you truly change your life over to GOD. Making GOD first in your life gives you the ability to see the unseen, hear the unheard and feel the unfelt. Meaning? GOD will open up to you. GOD will give you HIS secrets. GOD will reveal love to you like you’ve never felt before. It’s an unconditional love which humans can’t express or show. Flesh keeps us from that…sadly.
That may not make sense to you but it’s true.
Happiness which GOD gives you cannot be purchased. Nor does it exist in a place in which you can travel.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ….The Son of GOD then it’s time you do. The Prince of Peace came into this world as the Loving Pauper…
“Jesus Christ, I know that I have broken Your laws and my sins have separated me from You. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward You. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. GOD, I believe that Your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become my Savior, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send Your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.”

  1. wondering in canada says:

    Good for you for making an honest living. But I often wonder, why servers make 2.13 per hour and are okay with it? Why are customers expected to pay the wages of a server? Why are tips expected by one for doing their job? Why do restaurants expect someone else to pay the wages of their employees? Why don’t servers rise up and say something to their govt representatives about fair pay for fair work? And with that, demand their employers pay them their wage?

    I work too, and when I go to a restaurant, I pay a flat amount for tips and based on service. 5 per person for great service, 3 for okay service, and 2 cents flat for crap service (makes more of a statement than no tip). I don’t think someone should get a higher tip when they serve me lobster vs a hamburger. So yes, if there are two of us and its a 150 meal, still only 6-10 dollars in tips.

    I live in Canada, where servers make only about a dollar less than other minimum wage employees, and where I live, minimum wage is over 11 dollars per hour. This is because, our govt representatives, listen to their people. Time servers in the US used their voices to better their lot, or get another job if they aren’t happy with it. They are just letting themselves be used, and letting their employers get away with it. Time to demand a living wage from their employers, and NO tips. I don’t get tips for doing my job, why, in reality, should anyone else, or expect customers and not employers to pay their wages??

    • It’s like this……there’s no different than let’s say buying a fan in the summer time! It’s hot and you need it. Well, someone had to make it. We’re you satisfied enough to pay for a quality fan or did you get the cheapo? You pay for what you get. Same issue at hand here.
      I was a manager for a restaurant for almost 13 years, but because we were salary the hours were mandatory 60 per week. Then, some weeks I worked 70-80! Depended, actually. So, by the time I equated my hours/by pay…I was surprised to learn that I was making LESS than my employees on the floor! What a travesty! Management is not what’s it made out to be. More headaches and less time to your loved ones.
      So, I went back to serving! I make much more money and LESS hours, way less. I don’t have to put up with a schedule, nor the headache of employees whining about needing time off or plainly just not showing up to work.
      So, you see..it’s all a state of mind. I didn’t mind until I realized I was being taken advantage of by working more and receiving less. Then again…I love relying on my customers! You see, I am a people person. So, I treat my customers like their a family member! Really, I do! And because of my attitude…I am blessed with people who notice the difference. So, I work right now with a cast on my left arm (I’m left handed too!), and my customer’s tell me that I work harder than most of the other servers and…I’m twice their age!
      Lastly, this is just a job to me! My real work is this…working for GOD. I spend so much more time on this too. Not only do I teach others, but GOD reveals through The Holy Spirit the mysteries which I would have NEVER known without this blessing. I get to help people who are having paranormal issues BUT none of this is possible without JESUS CHRIST. NONE! I love what I do at work but I take this to heart because I love GOD so much.
      I appreciate your kinds words, but it’s the government who won’t change. We are slaves to the system, literally. Without jobs we can’t pay our bills…etc. And they know it.
      Oh…and forgive me for saying this but I’m glad most people don’t have your accounting system…I would starve to death. I am blessed with people who see hard work and reward me for it. It should be that way for everyone.

  2. wondering says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    But, I think you missed my point. I have a flat rate system for a reason. First of all, if someone is bringing me lobster or a hamburger, its still one plate of food. The person at the higher end restaurant doesn’t deserve more just because the food costs more. Do you think they do? Not sure what kind of a restaurant you work in, but does someone bringing a more expensive dish at a higher end restaurant do more work than someone serving the same amount of food at a cheaper restaurant? How is that fair?

    Second of all, their job is to serve me the food I ordered, and do it pleasantly. My job is a customer service job as well, ultimately, athough my customers are internal to the company I work at. My customers are the employee group I’m paid to serve, and I’m expected to do it well and pleasantly, that’s my job, and I don’t deserve extra pay because of it. Same idea as you serving food to customers who come in to eat. Except, I serve my customers with a smile and the best service, for the salary I get paid to do my job. Customer service is a part of my job. But do I expect tips from them, the internal employees I serve? Do I expect them to pay my wage? No, that’s what the company I work for is supposed to do. I work for the company, they pay my wage. Customer service is part of the job I’m expected to do, and what I’m paid for by my employer. Why is serving food with good service any different? Its a server’s job. And they are doing the job for the employer. Thus, the employer should be paying. Not the customers.

    You are right though, it is a part of the “system”. Which is why I don’t play into it. I give a tip out of the goodness of my heart, not to pay someone to do their job that their employer should be paying for. Just like its not my internal customer’s responsibility to pay me, its my employers, I’m working for them, and I’m paid to do my job well, so I serve my customers well, for my salary.

    In reality, there should be no tipping system at restaurants. Servers do their job, employers pay them. Servers should be speaking to their government reps and demanding a living wage, not expecting customers to pay their wage. You say the government won’t change… If enough people spoke, they would. That’s why servers here make 10 dollars plus per hour. Plus fortunately for us it seems at least, Canada is a bit different. We have a culture of caring for our own, which is why for example, we have socialized healthcare for everyone. I go to the doctor or have an operation, and never see a bill, and its the same for everyone… But that’s another story I suppose.

    The restaurant owners make out like bandits. So would my company if they expected their other employees, my customers, to pay me for serving them., instead of the company It doesn’t make sense and I don’t play into it, not my responsibility to pay someone’s wage, its the employers, that’s my point… That’s all.

  3. wondering says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    But, I think you may have missed my point. When I tip, its a gratuity. Something freely given, out of the goodness of my heart. Tipping is not an obligation. I give a tip based on service, not because I’m obligated to subsidize a restaurant not paying their employees. That’s why I tip a flat amount no matter where I go.

    Paying a fair wage is the obligation of an employer to an employee for doing their job. As a customer of a store, I don’t pay the wage of the customer service rep, the store does. When I serve my internal customers at my company, they don’t pay my salary, our company does. And the store rep is expected to serve their customers with great service for their wage paid by their employer. So am I. I might get a bonus for going above and beyond, but that’s my employer’s discretion.

    This is my point. Yes the “system” is broken. But then servers perpetuate it by expecting the customer to pay their wage instead of their employer. Govt reps would listen if enough people went to them. That’s why I brought up how it is where I live, where servers make 10 plus dollars per hour, by law. Its expected here, that everyone will have a decent basic living. Its what is demanded from our govt, and is given based on the demand of the people. We do have a similar “system” here, but its what is done with it. If no one stands up, nothing gets done. I suspect its not much different in the US.

    But then, the Canadian culture is different in that we generally feel that everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Decent minimum wages, subsidized healthcare where I can go to the doctor or get an operation and never see a bill, and so can everyone else, whether a big company CEO or a bum on the street, and all with the same modern healthcare. But I digress…

  4. Kittii says:

    Waitresses make minimum wage plus tips. I made $1.37 hour at Bob’s Big Boy back in the 70’s. Those were the days you didn’t have to report your tips to the IRS. The government finally got on they could cash in on the poor waitress’s tips. No one makes anyone tip. Now a days everyone wants a tip including the Postman at Christmas time and Starbucks with their jar sitting their with money in it near the cash register. Now they have runners to help deliver the food, that you have to split your tips with, so people don’t get cold food. It was bad enough when you had to split it with the busboy. It doesn’t pay as good as it used to because of all this having to split the tips with others. It used to be the managers were available during rush hours to help. The Canadians and Australians automatically include the tip in the bill in their countries. That’s why when they come here on vacation, they don’t tip. They don’t know we don’t include it in the bill. Some restaurants will include the tip if it’s a large party, here now. I’ve seen that. Otherwise the waitress might get jipped and worked really hard for nothing. I know. That happened to be more than once. I transferred my skills of multi-tasking and prioritizing to nursing. God knew I was going to be a nurse. I never saw myself in that roll. We’re all called to different things. I couldn’t do a blog, like this one, as good as you do. I don’t have the writing skills. I never really developed them.

    It’s all a rip off. The government is making those who can’t afford health insurance pay for it or be penalized at tax return time. I didn’t have health insurance when I was a waitress. The restaurants didn’t provide it, except maybe Alphys when it was owned by Alpha Beta. Remember that grocery store? Remember Lucky’s? All gone now. Guess what? Macy’s is closing 40 department stores and they say in the future there won’t be any, except outlets. Walmart is closing 200 of it’s stores in the United States, but turning around and opening 300 worldwide. It’s a monopoly.

    We work for Lord, not these corporations, or at least that’s what the Bible tells us our attitude should be.

  5. Kittii says:

    Unfortunately, it’s Alex Jones again.

  6. Kittii says:


    Walmart will close 269 stores this year, affecting 16,000 workers

    Yet Walmart says it will continue with its plans to open 300 new stores around the world later this year and 2017, including up to 60 new U.S. Supercenters and 10 new Sam’s Club stores

  7. Kittii says:

    Isn’t it interesting how Alex Jones is just backing up what Chuck Missler is saying: “The Rich are moving out of the United States” or they have purchased houses outside the United States. Chuck Missler even moved his ministry to New Zealand. Oh, But God called him there, of course. Of course. But doesn’t he believe in the Rapture???????????Jim Bakker makes the statement: Maybe that he should buy a house outside of the United States too. Where does he get his money? From all those Christians donating, of course.

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