Satan’s Secret Service

Posted: December 27, 2015 in Bible Truths, Demons, Fallen Angels, False Religions, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Satan, Warfare, Witchcraft

Jesus tells us seven times in the Book of Revelation that we need to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The tense is present tense, not past tense. I will mention a few but mainly we need to recognize if we have snakes in our church! They come looking like anyone else but they hiss and spit. Trouble follows them. They work secretly to be a detriment to your congregation and work.

Have you ever heard about spirits of religion? They work in ways which most people don’t see, or think of. They keep you busy gossiping, or dozing off during church so you can’t learn new things. The church at Ephesus had every element of church life in order and they were a hard working congregation. Yet the fire, the passion, the love was gone.
The apostle Paul tells us that if we are ignorant of the devices of Satan, he will take advantage of us (2 Cor. 2:11).

What doctrines does your pastor preach/teach?Is it true to The Word?

How many paths to GOD does your church believe in? There is Only One Path….Jesus Christ.

Are your church leaders demanding and controlling? The church at Smyrna endured persecution, and many members suffered martyrdom. With this threat, Satan tries to strike fear in the hearts of believers by sending intimidation to frighten us away from faithfulness to GOD and HIS Word. A war goes on in today’s church, and the battle lines are drawn. One of the most powerful spirits at work in this ongoing battle is the spirit of Jezebel or control. It is astounding that the same strong spirit was still operating in Revelation 2:20 and still operates in today’s church.

What lengths do your church leaders go to to teach spiritual warfare? Unfortunately, the Laodicean church did not really see their true condition. God said they were “wretched, poor, blind, naked”—they were pitiful in the sight of God. They were without riches and spiritually blind in God’s eyes. He looked at them and saw them as they really were: spiritually bankrupt.

Where does your church stand on the gay agenda? GOD made marriage a Holy Union, between a man and woman.

Does your church have a cross in it? Did it take it out?

Is your church dead? Ignores the Holy Spirit. Lack of godly leadership. Reputation over reality. Growth in numbers without growth in people. Ministry and work incomplete.

Does your church continue your membership even if you don’t tithe? Recently a woman was kicked out of her church of 40+ years because she got cancer and didn’t attend for a couple months. In that time she didn’t tithe…so they ‘discontinued’ her membership!

Does your church help the poor? A church’s reach must exceed its grasp.

Does your church help its own congregation if needed? Are your church members in need meanwhile the pastor lives in comfort?

Is money a big topic in your preachers sermon? The Sardis church lived in a favorable environment with a great reputation. However, in Christ’s letter to this church, He ignored their human reputation and told this church they were listed in the obituary! The city of Sardis was a city of wealth. History tells us that in 550 b.c., King Croesus found gold in the city’s river and issued the first gold coins in history!

Do you hear about witchcraft in your church? When they do teach about it, is it inside or outside of your church?

Does your church teach about the end times/prophecy? We live in them. The Bible is 100% prophecy, so it should be.

Does your church idolize the world? Pergamos was the capital city of the province of Asia mentioned in Revelation as one of the seven churches of Asia. The city had a “pet” god in Asklepion, an idol symbolized by a snake who called himself a savior. They believed that their god incarnated into the area snakes, so serpents were allowed to slither freely around the temple. Those who desired healing spent the night in the darkness of the temple, hoping a snake would crawl over them. GOD called this church, the Seat of Satan. Does your church operate more in the physical than spiritual? Secular humanism is a key. A naturalistic philosophy. In fact few churches even speak of the supernatural but only give you sweets rather than the meat and potatoes.
Balak, the pagan king, literally bought the prophet Balaam’s ministry. Balak eventually sent women to seduce the men of Israel, thus bringing judgment upon them. It was Balaam that sold out the people of God. In keeping the spirit of Balaam, too often today, money has become the goal and prize of many in the church. Image has replaced anointing and the church is reduced to no more than a place where pop psychology tickles the ears of its parishioners. The image-makers and the politically correct have dulled the sword of the churches and its men of GOD.

Reject the love of religion and its rules and reputation, and fall in love with Jesus Christ!



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