Night & Day-Good & Evil

Posted: May 24, 2015 in Bible Truths, Demons, Fallen Angels, GOD, Jesus Christ, New Age Movement, Paranormal, Satan, Warfare, Witchcraft


Night & Day-Good & Evil
I placed the words it in that order for a reason….because they are connected. It’s about BALANCE! Some people do want to believe GOD is in control of everything. This mean when Lucifer decided to change the course of immortality, as it were…this changed the course of the future. But, you see…GOD already knew this would happen. HE has omniscience. This means HE knows all! HE is all-knowing. Nothing takes HIM by surprise!
Not even Lucifer.
So, when everything was designed…GOD designed it with this purpose in mind. GOD thinks millennia past us! We think in the moment…this is the difference between us and GOD.
HE is omnipresent as well…there is NO PLACE that HE does not inhabit! So, HE knows what evil is doing at all times. HE utilizes it for HIS benefit.


We must have balance.
Order and Chaos. GOD is order…infinite order…and Satan is chaos….but he’s not infinite. The balance of the two must be had to bring into fruition – The Master Plan. The plan is not about Satan controlling us…even though he presently has (limited) control of certain dimensions…it’s about GOD revealing that HE is EVERYTHING.
GOD designed it this way.
This makes everything fair too. You see? One cant go back and say…I wasn’t given the ‘choice’…
Choices are tied to GOD…everything has a connection! EVERYTHING!


The perfect example of this? The elite are working diligently….
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has restarted again this April 2015 in the search for Dark Energy and possible extra dimensions in our Universe. Will Cern Create Black Holes this time, or find the key to the Universe? The GOD particle… So many questions and so few answer’s. Galaxies in our universe seem to be achieving an impossible feat. They are rotating with such speed that the gravity generated by their observable matter could not possibly hold them together; they should have torn themselves apart long ago. The same is true of galaxies in clusters, which leads scientists to believe that something they cannot see is at work. They think something we have yet to detect directly is giving these galaxies extra mass, generating the extra gravity they need to stay intact.


They call this mysterious stuff dark matter.
Unlike normal matter, dark matter does not interact with the electromagnetic force. This means it does not absorb, reflect or emit light, making it extremely hard to spot. In fact, scientists have been able to infer the existence of dark matter only from the gravitational effect it seems to have on visible matter.
Dark matter seems to outweigh visible matter roughly five to one, making up more than 80% of all the matter in the universe. Scientists think that dark matter particles were some of the few types of particles created in the big bang that are stable enough to still be around today.
Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) may provide more direct clues about dark matter. Many theories say the dark matter particles would be light enough to be produced at the LHC. If they were created at the LHC, they would escape through the detectors unnoticed. However, they would carry away energy and momentum. Scientists could infer their existence from the amount of energy and momentum missing after a collision.


Dark matter candidates arise frequently in theories that suggest physics beyond the Standard Model, such as supersymmetry and extra dimensions. If one of these theories proved to be true, it could help scientists gain a better understanding of how our universe is composed and, in particular, how galaxies hold together.
This video says it best…listen @ 19:00 minutes:



  1. JV Waters says:

    There is no evil in God.

    • GOD must have balance! This article DOES NOT imply GOD has/is/was or ever had evil. It only simplifies the FACT that in order to balance the END results…the final battle….HE must give FREE WILL…this includes a balance of both sides. To imply anything other than this is to mislead one into believing GOD is evil. No evil IN GOD…is correct.

      • JV Waters says:

        The study of the yin-yang also says there must be good and evil, and a balance. That is contrast to Christian belief. There NEVER had to be evil, nor does there ever have to be, but because of Lucifer’s disobedience and fall/fallen angels, the decisions mankind has made and the conspiracies from siding with Lucifer/Satan/Witchcraft, this is why we have evil. God was trying to protect Adam and Eve and ALL future generations from being exposed naked to the evil. He did not want us to ever know evil. Now that they chose to be deceived, here we are.

      • I agree with you. But, as I have learned…all of GOD’S designs are twisted by Satan into his agenda. Therefore…balance was conceived by GOD and twisted by Satan. Man/Woman…night/day…water/fire…all creations of balance. This is my point.

      • JV Waters says:

        Of course the enemy twists things. It is why duality is a key factor in the secret societies. In Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, nudity and sex aside, the obvious is this goes on, and has gone on for centuries going back to before Babylon Egypt through the bloodlines. We do NOT need evil.

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