Spiritual Abuse

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Bible Truths, Demons, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Warfare

Spiritual Abuse
What distinguishes “spiritual” abuse from regular forms of physical, emotional, and mental abuse?
In spiritual abuse, a person’s faith and ideas about GOD, the supernatural, and the afterlife, get intermingled and entwined with relational and behavioral choices so that the situation is not only about the way a person thinks, acts, and relates. It is primarily about the condition of your soul.


So, we live in an age where Believer’s are now in the minority! I liken it to the days when Jesus Christ walked the earth and how He must have been treated. He warned us there would be hard times. Times when we would be treated differently for our beliefs, for our faith.


I received a letter recently that saddened my heart. In this line of work I get sad stories all the time. Stories which mostly deal with demonic influences and infestations. Well, this is no different. It’s the exact same subject.


The culprit behind this movement Satan and his demons. I know many categorize the demons and fallen angels into separate categories but their the SAME to me. Why? Because their evil! Evil to the core.


In this letter I speak of the person informed me that they were being persecuted because of their faith, but not by just anyone….their own family.


I understand this 100%. I am in this same predicament. I have been doing this for several years, and nothing has changed, but only intensified. I think this is important because the closer we get to the end…this is happening.


Demons are walking free….free to harass and intimidate. How are they going to do this? TEST YOUR FAITH.


How will they do this?
Mostly from the people who you think care the most about you, by the people in your life.


I felt so persecuted by family that it really intimidated me. This was revealed by my work. This was rearing its ugly head in my life in many forms. I felt like I had PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The people who leave comments on my blog, I could easily shrug off, but this was my family!


I couldn’t sleep, and I kept reliving the traumatic events over and over. It affected my mood, my behavior, and even my eating habits.
I felt numb! I felt a sense of hopelessness.

It’s not. GOD is with you. Stand strong. Fight the Good Fight. PRAY.

  1. hmmm says:

    Persecution now as bad as when Jesus was alive? Really? Are you being tortured? Put to death on a cross? Thrown to lions? Beheaded?

    Or are you told you’re crazy or nuts? More than likely – and quite a bit more tolerable than the above situations. Something like that espespecially by family sucks, but maybe the problem is them if one cannot accept another’s beliefs (unless you attack them, call them Godless, etc, I don’t know if that’s happened, but would get anyone’s back). But to say you feel like you have ptsd? Really? That quite minimizes and trivializes REAL victims of physical, mental, emotional, sexual abuse, torture, war, or anything else.

    Spiritual abuse? If you let others affect you so much and don’t consider it their problem and go about your own business, how mature can one really be? Or faith and trust in God which equals disinterest in people’s attitudes that are not worth our time and their own problem instead of focusing on letting them make us feel a certain way and giving them power over us? Boundaries are a wonderful thing, we are only treated as we let ourselves be treated.

    • Hmmmm….so deceived! To attack someone for a lack of better things…or more productive things to be doing. Sad, so sad. This is only the beginning. My reality is exactly what people are going through because Jesus Christ SAID WE WOULD. Wake up.

    • It just dawned on me….you’re doing the EXACT same thing! Ridiculing…mocking…..I’m not trivializing anyone’s abuse of ANY kind but indeed empathizing…because I’m a victim of the spiritual kind and until you KNOW where of I speak…you obviously wouldn’t understand.
      To clarify for you…it’s not me that is not constantly debating their beliefs but the other way around. This is the point.

  2. Felicia says:

    No one is a judge except for God due to his infinite wisdom..that being said I appreciate what you share and your courageous in your belief..God bless you and keep expressing yourself. I enjoy reading your stuff and the pictures you attach to your segments.

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