Broken Bloodlines and Promises

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Bible Truths, Demons, Fallen Angels, False Religions, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Satan, Warfare


The Father will discipline you if you’re His child. But, a father who doesn’t care about his children will not. Take for example, Satan; he lets his children do anything they please…in fact that’s his motto. “Do What Thou Wilt”.
A man who is a child of GOD will be given trials and tribulations, which doesn’t mean GOD doesn’t love you, but quite the contrary. These trials and tribulations make a person stronger. GOD takes away the children who doesn’t love Him and sets them free. He knows if your His.
Jacob was one of the great patriarchs of the Old Testament, but at times he was also a schemer, liar, and manipulator.
GOD established his covenant with Jacob’s grandfather, Abraham. The blessings continued through Jacob’s father, Isaac, then to Jacob and his descendants. Jacob’s sons became leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel.
The younger of twins, Jacob was born holding on to his brother Esau’s heel. His name means “he grasps the heel” or “he deceives.”
Jacob lived up to his name. He and his mother Rebekah cheated Esau out of his birthright and blessing. Later in Jacob’s life, GOD renamed him Israel, which means “he struggles with God.”
In fact, Jacob struggled with GOD his entire life, as many of us do. As he matured in faith, Jacob depended on GOD more and more. But the turning point for Jacob came after a dramatic, all-night wrestling match with GOD. In the end the Lord touched Jacob’s hip and he was a broken man, but also a new man. From that day forward, Jacob was called Israel. And for the rest of his life he walked with a limp, demonstrating his dependence on the Lord. Jacob finally learned to give up control to GOD.


Jacob’s story teaches us how an imperfect person can be greatly blessed by GOD–not because of who he or she is, but because of who GOD is.
The sooner we trust GOD in life, the longer we will benefit from his blessings. When we fight GOD, we are in a losing battle.
Rebekah was pregnant with the twins, “the children struggled in her womb” and in her anxiety Rebekah “went to inquire of the Lord.” The oracle she received in reply describes, in fact, not so much the relationship between Jacob and Esau as that between the Israelites and the Edomites: each of the boys would become the progenitor of a nation, and “One people [would] be mightier than the other, and the older would serve the younger.”
At this point, let me make this clear. An ‘oracle’ is a prophectic event. It can be of GOD, or twisted from Satan through a medium/psychic/soothsayer.
Esau was the first of the twins to be born. He was covered with red hair, and was called Esau. Some scholars believe that the word Esau means “hairy.” Esau became the ancestor of the people of Edom (“red.”), which was a country near Israel during ancient times.


Three popular etymologies are connected with Esau. In the description given of him at his birth – “red, like a hairy mantle all over” (Gen. 25:25) – at most only the second part can have anything to do with the name Esau (Heb. Esav, ʿEsaw), which may be related to the Arabic root ġšw, “to cover.” The redness, in contrast, can only explain his other name, Edom (Heb. ‘Edom), connected with the word ʾ adom (“red”). In verse 30, the same name is explained by his impatient plea, when he came home hungry, for some of the “red stuff” (i.e., lentils) that Jacob was cooking. The red down (“hairy mantle,” Heb. ʾ adderet se ʿ ar) with which he is said to have been covered at birth may originally have served to explain the name Seir (Heb. se ʿ ir).
The identification of Esau with Edom is often referred to in the Bible and is found in all the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha of the Second Temple period and naturally in talmudic and midrashic sources too. Amalek, the eternal enemy of Israel, is one of his descendants. Since the end of the Second Temple, the identification of Haman the Agagite as “a descendant of the seed of Amalek” apparently on the basis of the connection between the name “Agagite” and Agag, king of Amalek: serves as a source for prophetic connections which are with us today.
This bloodline is the bloodline of the fallen angels/Nephilim and their descendants….
Esau married Hittite women, against his parents wishes. He also married two Ishmaelite women. One of them was Mahalath, the daughter of Ishmael, Abraham’s son. After Isaac died, Esau took his wives, his children, his servants and his cattle and moved away from his brother to Mount Seir.
In doing this, Esau’s line became contaminated, because among the Canaanites, who were the progeny of Satan and the Fallen Angels, the evil bloodline thrived and coalesced.
You see…GOD knew Esau was not His child. And proof of that comes in the man’s fruit.

wheat tare

Ye Offspring Of Vipers:
That Jesus spoke of two distinct seeds, one that came from God through Adam, and another originating from Satan and the Fallen Angels.
Jesus Christ makes reference in a number of places to Satan’s children. In the parable of the `Tares and the Wheat,` He spoke of the farmer who sowed good seed in his field and his enemy came along during the night-time and sowed poisonous weeds, the tares among the wheat.
A Rage Of Angels:
Dr Paul D. Hanson of Harvard University when addressing the account of the `Fall` of Angels in the Books of Genesis and Enoch writes:
“All of the evil in the world stems from from a heavenly event, the rebellion of a divine being and his legions, and more immediately from the resulting generation of their pernicious offspring in the world.”
Examples given here reveal the deep dark secrets of the reality of our world. A battle between the light and dark, if you will.


These bloodlines remain on earth and rule it from the darkness from which they originate.
For countless Millennia, the Fallen Angels have been propagating themselves as the Rulers over the ruled. Modeled on the original prototype himself, they have `cloned` and carbon copied through ceaseless interbreeding an oppressive Luciferian Power Elite.
They masquerade as the children of Adam, but that they are not!


The `Illuminati,` is the name given to those individuals and secret organizations who working together, and apart, continue to this day, to do the work of Lucifer, whom they see as their ancient ancestor. The order’s existence can be traced back to Babylon, in the sixth century BC, and coincided with the advent of the Jewish heresy of the Kabbalah. They believe themselves the `descended ones` of the Satanic Bloodline of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels, continued through the line of Cain and the `Anakim,` who they say taught them the `Ancient Mysteries,` which they have been hoarding down through the centuries, passing on the knowledge from generation to generation.
The Merovingian Dynasty of kings who we are told descended from this bloodline, were known as the `sorcerer-kings,` some of whom either insinuated or stated outright that they were the descendants of Lucifer. A number of authors claim this thesis is true, including Fritz Springmeier who in his book; `The Thirteen Bloodlines of the Illuminati` writes:
“In typical Gnostic fashion, descendants of the Merovingian’s claim to have the blood of both Christ and Satan in their veins. Given the fact that this theme (or a variation of it) recurs with some regularity, and given that it would appear to be consistent with the sort of dualism which permeates the story of this bloodline, we began to wonder if there might not be some traditions from which such a notion could have arisen.”


We must remember that this bloodline descended from the Biblical Cain, the Fallen Angels and ultimately Lucifer. Rabbinic lore, corroborates the hypothesis that Cain was not the son of Adam, but of Lucifer/Satan. Some Hebrew Apocryphal texts maintain that when Lucifer seduced Eve, the fruit of that union was Cain. That the Merovingian’s knew of this and believed it, is beyond much doubt, and it was likely the basis of their alleged assertion that they possessed the blood of both Christ and Lucifer. This notion is expressed in a famous poem by Charles Peguy, which states:
“The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine,
Both the blood in the artery and the blood in the vein,
Both the source of grace and the clear fountaine;

The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine,
And the same artery and the same vein,
And the same blood and the troubled fountaine.”


So, we have it! Like Jacob and Esau…we have the light and dark. With religion mixed therein. The church of this world is tainted with these bloodlines and their doctrines. So, we must understand it’s NOT about religion, per say. It’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ…to get to the Father, GOD Almighty.
There is only One Path! So many lies are being told…that there are many paths that lead to GOD. This is simply not true. Jesus Christ is the Only Path.


  1. unicorncoat says:

    Nice post.
    Through my own investigations, and discernment through the Lord, I believe the illuminati are but a branch of the overall hierarchy. They are set above certain areas and are in charge of them while there are others with other branches. They are but a piece of the overall problem.

  2. Kittii says:

    They really can’t write enough books or make enough movies on this subject. Saw this on Yahoo news when I was logging on to my e-mail. There’s so many demonic series and movies. That’s all there is.
    Salems Witch War Season 2

    • Kittii says:

      A community center in planned community in my area is teaching witchcraft.
      Entertainment Arts-Harry Potter Camp
      A camp where students are invited to attend at Hogwarts, they will transition from muggles (non-magical folk) to full blown wizards. each student will be sorted into a Hogwarts house, and give a wand! Students will be taught the traditional methods of dueling with ancient spells (also known as “Defense Against the Dark Arts”), in mind reading (Divination Class) and Quidditch-a time-honored tradition! Students will be invited to investigate, discover and imagine the world of you Harry Potter as this camp dives headfirst into the books and movies throughout the week.

      Ages 6 to 10 years old
      Days Monday to Friday
      Dates: August 10 to August 14
      Time: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
      Location: ________ Community Center
      Cost: $165
      Note: Please sign up by Monday August 3. Please bring a Snack and water.

  3. Kittii says:

    Even the secular people are complaining about this.

    • Kittii says:

      Don’t forget about “The Path of Quezatacoatl” and what sticking out your tongue that all the celebrities are doing means. Unfortunately, that really good video that documented all of this was removed, but not this on. Just connecting the dots. Notice her one eye is shut too.

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