Lost & Found

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Bible Truths, GOD, Jesus Christ, Love, Paranormal


Lost & Found
Are you lost? Have you drifted or wandered down the wrong path? Have you lost your way?


There’s a lost and found department in most stores…you lose your phone or keys and most times, they end up there. But what about your soul? Where would it end up?

Many people think because their decision-making process to attend church on Sunday provides them direct access to GOD…this is simply not true.

You must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to get to The Father.

Just because you go to a wooden box once a week does not negate your sins.

Please understand that once your saved does not mean always saved. So many people will argue with this but there are many things that can take away your Salvation. This is why the road to Heaven is so narrow. You need to remain vigilant in your faith and stay close to Jesus Christ. You must listen to the Voice of Reason….that tiny voice in your head is the Holy Spirit. It’s not a ‘gut feeling’ like the New Agers want you to believe. Man is nothing without Jesus Christ and we will never become gods.

If you’ve lost your way by reading new age material, or watching ‘ghost hunting’ programs or going to a medium for ‘advice’ or worse…using a Ouija Board to contact the dead…then you need to repent. There are so many paths that lead to hell. Don’t do down them, don’t follow the wrong path.

There is only One Path you can go by. The Path that leads you to GOD. The Path is The One and Only Son of GOD, Jesus Christ.


  1. Christine says:

    Yes Jesus saves us. Yet since we cannot earn our salvation, nothing we can do can lose it – if you “lose” it, you never were saved to begin with. We can lose fellowship with Him when we sin until we confess and repent, but we cannot lose our salvation if we were ever truly saved. He also makes us exactly like Him. All things the Father has given Him, He gives to us. All means all. We do not become gods of the same Substance of the Godhead, but Jesus deifies our humanity, we become divine humans, because He took on our fallen humanity and cleansed it and raised it up to His divinity. In this sense, yea, He makes us gods. All that we were, he became except sin, that He may make us everything that He is, except the Substance of Godhead. This is not New Agey “cool Imagod of my own making” crap, this is the Gospel.

    • daughterofYahweh says:

      We are in no way shape or form gods……this is new age, its a lie from hell and if you think we or you are gods because we are saved, you my friend are deceived.

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