M.A.D. = Mutually Assured Destruction

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Ascended Masters, Bible Truths, Demons, Fallen Angels, False Religions, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Satan, Warfare, Witchcraft


M.A.D. = Mutually Assured Destruction
There is no smoke without fire, no life of good without evil.
Most paranormal activity is surrounded by the dark side of the supernatural. You have the normal and paranormal. GOD is supernatural of course…don’t be confused. People love to read into what I mean by this. OR, even worse , mislead others…this is considered disinfo tactics.
Most if not all psychiatry deals in the oppression of the victim of severely calculated paranormal and satanically abused, which is compatible with the abusers and assists the abusers in their activities.
Entities which manipulate man have very powerful supernatural abilities such as being able to manipulate earthly life and physical things. They work as part of a group and are tactical. And they are highly manipulative in terms of seeking to control human society.

supernatural invasion

These entities implement the cult-like mentality onto the elite which subject their vicious behavior into people. From sexual abuse to mental, the effects are worldwide. Sadly, these kinds of issues abound on our world. And with the rise in the interest of paranormal, it has only increased the effects of demonic influence in peoples lives.
Playing with ‘ghosthunting’ and Ouija boards are nothing to take lightly. The assignment of Hollywood is to increase the interest which in turn increases the activity of demonic activity. Even watching these paranormal programs can and does open a portal. These portals are open invitations (legal rights) for the demons to enter into your life.
Demons cannot enter in on the inside of a person unless they do something specific on their end that will open up the door for them to be able to come into them. And that something specific will be their legal right.
For instance, if someone starts doing heavy drugs or starts to dabble in some area of the occult, and they do not pull out of it within a reasonable length of time, that person’s doors could then be opened up as a result of hole now occurring in their protective hedge with the Lord. This creates a mutually assured destructive path.
And this open door will now allow the demons to be able to come into that person’s life and from there, they will either try to get in on the inside of that person’s body if they can go that far with it, or they will try and attach to them from the outside, where they will then follow them around like a dark cloud trying to attack them as often as they can from that outside position.


GOD tells us in His Word that we would have a world built on the mutually assured destruction of a few projected on the the world at large. It began in the Garden of Eden…or even before when Lucifer decided to betray GOD. Lucifer then convinced Eve that she didn’t need GOD, and she could become a god, herself.


This is the foundation of the religions at large.
That mankind has imposed a form of destructive evolution upon itself is not up for discussion. It is an undeniable fact. But, we were not alone in the origin of this evolution.


Your only exit from this madness is GOD!


And to seek GOD, one must go to the Right Path. Jesus Christ is The Only Path.


  1. nomemoleste says:

    The point about “attach and harass” re: oppression, is well made. From an eternal perspective, the damned have no continuing (living) future. The end of sin is death. And the mechanism of destruction includes association with enemy angels and/or demons. As if such are the marker or tag designating “hazardous waste.”

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