Animal Instinct

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Bible Truths, Demons, Fallen Angels, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Warfare, Witchcraft


So…GOD made us all the same, spiritually. Or at least…I believe so. Do you believe animals have a soul?
What do I mean? What is my point?
Why is it that when a unnatural product is placed before a dog, he instinctively knows it’s not normal. Like for instance…a treat. You would think it would devour it right? WRONG. It instinctively knows something is wrong with it.


My husband put it to the test….he took one and put into a piece of cheese. Our dog Max loves cheese…he will literally stand on two legs for it. So, my husband puts the hidden treat on the floor. Max sniffs it and then eats all the cheese around it! What is in the ‘treat’ that the dog knows is bad? I assure you something is put into that item that’s not natural.


Second example:
When a dog is growling when nothing is present. What is going on? I believe it’s paranormal! Animals have a natural sense about the supernatural.
We have this same ability but most don’t use it or refuse to accept it. Am I right?

Hebrews 11_6_I_edited-2

I believe this is what the so-called ‘psychics’ are using. I believe GOD gave us all the ability to sense the supernatural. I know I have it. I’ve had it since I was a child. I knew when there was something around me that was not natural.

Robert A Schuller Experience God's Presence

Why do we, as humans find it so hard to believe. The animals accept it without hesitation, so why do we challenge it?
I challenge you to find your animalistic instinct which GOD gave you. Now, let’s get this straight….this is not a challenge to go ‘ghost-hunting’….there are no ghosts, per say. There are demons and evil spirits. Don’t seek them out. Why?
Because when we peer into the darkness, it peers back.
My challenge is to communicate with GOD more! Accept HIM into your life and begin to FEEL HIS PRESENCE.


But also use this ability to be a demon-slayer. Put on your Armor of God and protect yourself. Begin to get a sense of the supernatural world around you. Why? Because we live in a dual reality. Respect it and accept it. But, to do so you must challenge yourself. Wake up and realize we’re in it for the duration and it’s not over until it’s over. So, put on your animal instinct and Armor of GOD.


  1. Eric Blair says:

    Good article. However, not every “Ghost” or spirit is evil or negative, come on.

    • This website draws on helping people understand how the dark sided of the supernatural works. Saying there is ONLY evil is just silly…I am not suggesting such ideas. What I am saying is this….there are NO such thing as ghosts. Only demons. Of course GOD send His Mighty angels to do His bidding but we’re NOT fighting against this! We’re fighting against powers and principalities which are of darkness. Anything we have on this dimension is not human spirits….when we die we move on. Deceiving spirits come as your dead loved one…or a child, or animal….for example. There are no ghosts. Spirits which come to you NEED TO BE TESTED. This is why we need to put on our Armor of GOD and keep it on!

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