It’s No Joke! ITS REAL!

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Bible Truths, Demons, Fallen Angels, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Warfare, Witchcraft


We need to realize the reality of the situation. It’s not going away. It’s not getting better, in fact, it’s only gotten worse.
Some call them ghosts, but let’s get real about this! There are NO ghosts. Once you die, you leave this dimension and what is here is us and them. What are ‘them’? The evil side of the supernatural. So, let’s be real….you can call them what you want but a demon is a demon is a demon!
I do these kinds of articles every so often, not as a scare tactic but to have people realize the depth of what we’re experiencing here. But, you may ask…why is it getting worse? The veil between the worlds are thinning and their being “allowed” to come over. How would our GOD allow such events to take place? Because it’s a test! Will you pass the test? How will you guard yourself against the results of this devastating situation? Let’s look at some VERY real experiences and then we will discuss that.

First let’s establish that “GHOST HUNTING” is dangerous. You’re not ‘hunting’ ghosts, your interacting with demons. What does the Bible call this? Necromancy.
World’s Scariest Ghosts Caught On Tape [link]
Most Scary Ghost Video In The World [link]
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Top 30 Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape [link]
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PROOF THAT GHOSTS ARE REAL!!!!!!!! ( Leaked footage from a paranormal research group!!) [link]


ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape (Youtube Channel)

This is from that YOUTUBE channel. It was the first one I viewed. Amazing footage. This person has a demon infestation…
Scary paranormal activity in a haunted house [link]

There’s many hundreds, if not thousands more where these came from! It’s crazy since we have the internet, and camera’s on our phones that people can upload these videos at any time now. The increase in paranormal activity is not just the invent of technology which is able to catch it but the increase is happening because it parallels the times we live in.
Sin is rampant. Sin causes demonic activity. There attached at the hip, so to speak!
Don’t go looking for trouble. If you think ‘ghost hunting’ is fun, think again! This kind of activity allows people to come home with attachments! Demonic attachments. This kind of activity can get you killed. It’s not funny, it’s serious! It’s not entertainment, it’s infestation.

Are you experiencing paranormal activity? With the help of Jesus Christ, we can help you. I mean we, because without Jesus there’s no way I could do anything!
So, please contact me!

  1. Lydia says:

    Hi. So far, your article and thoughts I agree with. Every one who has experience in this realm is off. I know there is no such reality as “lost souls”. They are all demons who can take the form of people and even loved ones to mess with us. I do hope you’re a Christian. I think the only way to battle these evil entities is with our faith and prayer. We must become more sanctified each day. If there is another way then I will consider your opinion. Thanks.

    • If this is directed to me, then I agree with your assessment. I am a Believer! I don’t believe in organized religion because this is part of Satan’s trap. Faith is key. Prayer is definite. Communication with Jesus Christ is the Only Path to our heavenly Father. GOD bless you. Love, V

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