Stages of Demonic Attacks

Posted: December 27, 2014 in Bible Truths, Demons, Fallen Angels, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Warfare


Before we begin, we must acknowledge that demons and fallen angels can and do exist on many levels of our dimension. But, there are many medical conditions which can mimic these symptoms. One must seek a doctor for advice and if there is no ‘medical cure’ or evaluation, it is most likely a spiritual condition. This is the reason why doctors cannot explain certain illnesses.
The important point to understand from a layperson’s point of view is that almost all of humanity is affected in some way by demons/fallen angels. These demons are parasites! If you are trying to get rid of a presence in your life, then you must take steps to get rid of the attraction which caused them to seek you out. This ranges from generational curses, soul ties, or occult practices…and more. If you get rid of it but don’t rid yourself of the thing which attracted them, you will have multiple demons the next time! This is no joke! Jesus Christ tells us so!
Statistics reveal that up to 30% of the people in this world are affected by demonic activity on one level or another. This means; 3 of out every 10 people will be possessed but I believe 5 out of 10 will be afflicted by them and from the first two degrees. But there are those who will never see and kind of paranormal activity. Why? Maybe because their spiritual level is not a threat! The closer to GOD, the more of a threat you are to them.
This is not a plain and simple kind of subject, but let’s get into it!


First: Depressed
This is people being affected by the means of a physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual function. they are being altered by one or several of these means. The demons and or fallen angels can cloud the judgement of a person but inducing negative thinking patterns. Of course, this is an indirect form of control.
Examples of this would be, a sudden rash appears on the body of a person about to attend a social function. Now, because of this ‘rash,’ the person will not be able to attend this activity. In this way, the demon has affected the actions and outcome of this person. However the ghost affects that aspect of the person that is most conducive to achieving its objective, either of troubling that person, fulfilling its own desire, preventing spiritual practice, etc.
Infestation-At this level the demon will start using what may seem like typical intelligent haunting signs. The demon may present itself as the ghost of a loved one or even an angel. The point is to gain trust, so the demonic may influence the person and finally take full control. Some signs of demonic infestation include rapping’s, shadows and shadow like figures that move with no explanation, the sounds of footsteps, weird liquids the seep through the floor or walls.
The activities of the possessed person are controlled partially or fully by the possessing demon.
The demon possessing a person may reside inside the body of the affected person or control him from outside.
Once possessed whether the demon is inside or outside does not make a difference to the intensity of the possession.
Even in the case of possession the energy of the demon is involved as it is part and parcel of the demon. However the difference is that here the demon is actively involved first hand in controlling the mind and intellect as a means to harm the person.
In almost all cases, the person possessed does not know that they are possessed until it manifests in a dramatic way as shown in the Hollywood film ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’.


Second: Oppressed
When an individual is under demonic oppression the demon starts to effect the person psychologically, psychically and emotionally. The purpose is to cause the individual to give up the fight or will to live and damn their soul, it said this can be accomplished by suicide.

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Third: Possessed
The person could be fully possessed by a demon, but the actual manifestation of a demon could take years. The people around him/her may not even realize it. To remain invisible serves the purpose, as it does not reveal its presence as it serves its purpose. For as soon as its presence is disclosed or revealed, there is a possibility that the possessed person will make a concerted effort to rid himself of the possessing demon. A demon does not like to manifest unless its of his own accord.
The consciousness of the person in question it said to take a back seat to the demon. The person may, or may not be aware of the demons presence within him. But, the person has not control over their motor skills.
In some cases, the person has had a demon from an early age and it has become fused into their very being and existence. Therefore, when the demon does rear his ugly head, the person believes it to be a part of himself and their own reasoning and judgments. As a result, he does not consider any noticeable changes in his behavior.
The demon is quite comfortable and entrenched into the persons life and body, in that when a person is acting odd or what some people might consider contrary to their normal behavior, this person just thinks their just ‘letting their hair down’, so to speak. This is actually the demon manifesting either partially or fully. This can happen to such a large degree that the person may actually lose time, or unaware of the passage of time which means loses consciousness. This does not mean, ‘passes out’…this means their not in ‘control’. Meanwhile the demon makes the decisions for the person, and this person ends up in unfavorable situations and doesn’t have a clue how they got there.
There are videos on YOUTUBE which reveal an example of this.
Demons manifest to intimidate, scare or disrupt family life by causing conflict within the families daily lives. Higher demons manifest when they want to create a wider scale destruction. Most times they will manifest due to their seeking attention, or to disrupt spiritual practice of the affected person who is seeking GOD. This either distracts or frightens them enough to throw off their worship.
Unusual strength, strange behavior (such as a woman suddenly acting permiscuously), and someone who speaks in languages unknown to their background is a good sign of possession. Also additions are a perfect example of insidious possessions. Society thinks most addictions are a psychological affliction but this is not true.
Violent behavior, irrespective of their normal personality, and if someone realizes this person may be demon possessed and they perform prayers, this can cause adverse reactions in the demon controlling the person. Talking in a strange tongue, or just jibberish can be a sign. Unusual displays of talent, such as prowess music dancing. People seeking fame can be possessed and suddenly begin exhibiting talents they never had. And of course, supernatural powers manifesting a person who claims to be a medium/psychic. The demon gives information which turns out to attract people into returning to this infested medium. And some people exhibit extreme pain or agony, or even hysterical laughter for no reason.


They can begin with mild symptoms, but the people around them notice a strange difference in their behavior. This person may exhibit symptoms but calms down rather quickly when asked about their behavior.
Medium level possessions symptoms require a higher level of perception. Although the person is displaying a higher degree of symptoms, the people around them need to be more perceptive and seek help. This person has limited ability to control their behavior. Most likely this is an inferior demon possessing this person and with the right people, can be taken out! But remember, if this person persists in the same behavior which got them in trouble, then even more demons will be attracted to them!
Severe demonic symptoms need immediate spiritual help! If you cannot control their behavior, and they seem like they could be a danger to themselves or someone else, then you need to call 911. honestly, these professionals do see this type of behavior but are told not to speak of it, and even catalog it under domestic violence as not to attract attention from media.
If you are in need of help, please contact me.


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  3. Kittii says:

    I was watching Andrew Storms documentary on “The Kundalini Warning” and I noticed who posted this and I wanted to watch his testimony. I like testimonies.
    On Jan 12th 2012 I went to London to give an interview for Revelation TV to share about how Jesus Christ had saved me from my past and sins and healed me from an incurable psycosis. I really enjoyed the experience. The show aired Feb 21st.

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    He has a playlist on this subject.

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    He likes Jacob Prasch and so do I, despite the documentation of Calvary Chapel.

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    Not all the videos have been terminated. Just go down the list

  7. Kittii says:

    Praise God, someone is talking about this.

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    I’m glad there’s a biblical explanation of this and it’s not Jonathan Kahn

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    Here’s the playlist:

  10. Kittii says:

    In this unique video broadcast, Michael Hoggard explores the subject of UFOs from a completely Biblical perspective. Well known UFO subjects such as abduction, saucer shaped craft, ancient aliens, Roswell, Area 51, and Ezekiel’s wheels are explored.

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