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Notice how everything is opposite than what we believe the supernatural is:
________AMERICA and other countries ________
Americans being deceived
Americans are IGNORANT, SKEPTICAL of demonic activity
Demonic considered as LAST RESORT, if ever
USA (thought to be) founded in LIGHT, turning to DARKNESS
People in the USA are SUBTLE, HIDDEN in the work of Satan
CAMOUFLAGED activities, GRAY to hide it
Christians UNTRAINED, FEARFUL of demons


AWARE, CONVINCED of demonic activity
In past DARKNESS, now coming into the LIGHT
OPEN, OBVIOUS to the workings of Satan
OVERT EVIL evident, DARK clearly shown
Christians, many are UNTRAINED but TRYING
Demons, Satan slowly LOSING GROUND


DO YOU KNOW WHY? Because American churches are NOT teaching, nor are they equip to battle in warfare.
Satan has worked under the table in America. He is working behind the scenes, and it working to make sin “acceptable”. He’s doing an excellent job!
Young Girl Shouts at Street Preacher [link]
This was in Salem Mass…a town full of witches! People didn’t even stop this child from doing this, in fact, the mother stood in the crowd and applauded in her daughter’s efforts.
In the United States, the work of Satan is covert and therefore more dangerous. Sin is like leprosy! It spreads like a disease. You can put on a new silk shirt but eventually, the puss and sores will soak the silk! The covering over American’s eyes are blinding them to the truth.
No wonder we’re experiencing demonic oppression and attacks.
The fact that people don’t even acknowledge Satan exists, makes them ill-prepared to fight his tactics. Recognizing the evil is half the battle! Amen.
You see, there is a DIRECT correlation between sin in and around us and the power of the demonic. Sin gives the demonic permission to operate and gives the demonic its strength.
Few realize the the demonic need LEGAL permission to enter and afflict people. Satan knows this and takes every opportunity to take advantage of this situation.


There are two battle fronts on which the spiritual warfare is fought. Two battle lines that must be acknowledged and addressed.
The first and foremost important front lies within you! The war begins with the mind and soul. The battle is conducted through deliverance. We must be delivered from the attacks of the demonic and into the loving hands of Jesus Christ.
Sadly, few recognize that we can pray and instantly the demon must flee but he will come back because he has legal rights to be there! So, GOD’s hands are tied. The free will choices we make can lead us into a battle which can trap us!
When people hear the word ‘possessed’, they instantly think of the Exorcist! This is not the case. It takes years, even decades for this type of activity to escalate to that level. What we mostly see it depression, and oppression.
Depression is where demons take a hold of your life through your paths such as finances or friendships, etc. Oppression is where they can affect your health and even attack you physically.
The stages of deliverance:
1. Identify and tear down the strongholds that gave the demonic permission (legal rights) into your life.
2. Remove those legals rights they acquired.
3. Cast out the demons!
You can have a priest/pastor come in and bless your home every day of the week and these demons will come back because they have legal rights to be there. So, unless you first deal with the REASON (sin and/or curse), then you release the stronghold (demons)…then they will hopefully move on. These demons will harass everyone until the day we go home to be with our Father in Heaven, so what you need to do is learn to fight them off. The Armor of GOD is solid weaponry against the dark side.
Generational curses, soul ties, and willful sins are some of the reasons these demons are staying around. Sins are the root of all evil.
The second Frontline in the battle is the world! Satan will use his demons to place people, places and things in our lives to attack us. Satan’s ultimate goal is to kill and destroy! Don’t give him the satisfaction.
Ultimately, Satan wants to possess your body, mind and soul. Even Christians can be possessed. There are three stages of demonic infestation symptoms and six stages of possession once your are fully engaged with Satan in a possession.
Most people are in the first two of the three stages of symptoms: Depression and oppression. So, let’s work together to keep the third stage from taking place!
If you’ve read this and you need more help than this gives. This is why I have my websites…to help those afflicted by demonic activity. Please contact me:

  1. Glen Harmer says:

    Hi Virginia,

    Your website and emails carry extremely important information and warfare tools we need to battle the enemy in this day and age which we are living.

    You refer to Christians being possessed. I agree with this but only if the afflicted “Christian” does not have the Holy Spirit residing within. Do you agree with that? The other statement you make regarding “GOD’S hands being tied”. I don’t like to put God in a box but I think I understand what you mean here. Could you elaborate a little more please?

    Thanks for your work on the battlefield!

    Glen Harmer

    • Here’s what I meant. We are given FREE WILL. Because of this we make choices….such as “Do you follow GOD or Satan”…this allows certain consequences to be had. Like it or not. Same with playing with a Ouija Board…when you do this ties GOD’s Hands….you’re allowing by your own choices for demons to enter into your life. This gives legal rights for their presence. You made the choice, and you must live with the consequences. Of course GOD is in control but because He gave us FREE WILL this just as it did the fallen angels, seals the deal.

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