Broken Hearted

Posted: November 8, 2014 in GOD, Jesus Christ, Love, Paranormal


Have you ever heard of someone dying from a broken heart? How does this connect to Jesus Christ?
I heard this not long ago:
A gentleman was ready to go on vacation, and he had two German shepherds. One was the father, the other the son. So, they were very close. The man couldn’t find someone to take care of both so he had to separate them for the two-weeks while he would be gone.
When, he returned he learned that not only did the oldest (the father) died, but so did the young (the son), did as well.
You see, they couldn’t bear to live without one another.
It doesn’t matter that they were animals! Love is from GOD for all HIS creatures.


The most common story we hear in these instances is about a man and woman who’ve been married for 30, 40, or 50 years and that’s all they’ve even known, is to be with one another. Living apart literally caused so much stress on their heart, that the one living without the first who died, dies also.
This is true. It doesn’t have to be lovers, or long-time friends. It pertains to family and other relationships.
Why am I putting this article up? Because it’s important to validate the emotions someone is experiencing. It’s important to justify their loss. It can cause someone to lose control of their life. It can cause so much stress that it can kill you…but the old phrase what don’t kill you makes you stronger.


So, don’t let anyone make you feel like what your going through is less than what you are experiencing. Don’t let anyone make you feel that it’s wrong or that you need to seek ‘professional’ help from a psychologist or therapist.
It’s normal to grieve the loss of someone you love. And this is also something we need to acknowledge for someone who’s experienced a divorce or separation of ANY kind.
I’m grieving. And I know first hand the loss which is entitled in this case. I know how hard it is. I know that the grieving process takes time and one must go through stages before it passes. There are five:
It’s easy to deny. I did it for at least three years. I resisted the facts. At first it was one person which I was trying to get back into my life. I was being slowly pushed out of their life. In their presence, I began to notice something was different. Once being so close, we share personal moments on a daily basis but then it changed. Slowly, so slowly that I didn’t understand. So, I asked the person what was wrong. I was told it was issues from the past, but it would be resolved. Three years later and still being brushed away, I again asked if we could become closer. I was told no. I was told I had a security issue, and needed psychological help! By the way, this is a family member.


So, once this happened it spread within the immediate family and now it extends inside their family. I am treated like an outcast. I’m the problem. So, I don’t deny the issue any more. And it has spread even further to other people. I grieve the loss of a few family members now.
It’s normal to want to isolate yourself too. I think I’m still having some of these symptoms. Don’t isolate yourself so much that you shut out the world, even though that’s exactly what you want to do. Surround yourself with loved ones even if it’s through a social media outlet. Do it on a regular basis. It helps. There are people who care, but sometimes we must open up and share what we are going through.
I am passed the denial stage. But if your not, please understand there lies no faults on any part. Life is such that we can’t control every aspect of it, especially other people. So confront it. Accept it. I know it’s hard. Ask GOD to strengthen your aching heart, and to take you out of the denial stage your going through.


Anger in this situation is normal. But, don’t take it to the degree where you hurt yourself or others. Masking the anger only stuffs it inside and hurts your emotional status even more. It’s easy to deflect any anger and aim it at another, but we must face the truth. Accept the fact that we’ve loss someone and be rational about why. Even if your at fault, accept it. If your not, then it’s even harder to accept it but you must. Then, the anger sets in.
Feeling guilty for being angry is normal too. Guilt is a funny thing, it can be directed at others too, but we must accept our issues at hand and understand our options. Take the time needed to deal with this anger because if you don’t there will be resentment.
I think this is where I am. I have anger but I can also feel resentment. I asked GOD to help me with these problems. You can too. GOD is always there for us. Express your feelings to someone who cares and get it out. Don’t rush it. You must face your anger and resentment and the reasons for it. I am trying my best too.


The normal reaction to these feelings of helplessness and vulnerability to that we feel we must gain ‘control’. We go through all the reasons why, and how we could have changed things. We ask ourselves what we could have done differently.
We can’t bargain away the inevitable. We can’t change the past, we can only try to adapt to the future of our situation.


It’s said there are two types of depression associated with mourning. The first, is a normal reaction to the practical implications relating to the loss. This may be sadness, and regret among other feelings. You can ease these feelings by simple clarification and reassurance. This is a perfect time to ask a friend for a few moments of their time to discuss your loss. A few kind words can go a long way in the healing process. Also to understand that we’re not alone can be of immense help to our aching heart. To know others do care for you is so helpful.
The second type is more subtle and, in a sense, more private. It’s our time to separate from the loss and accept the farewell. Now, if this is not a death but a break-up or something and you still see this person, it is not easy yo do this part. I have realized that not spending time with the person is what I need. Although the separation is painful, it’s part of the disconnect process. Closure can be a part of this, if it’s possible. Expressing your feelings to the other person can help, but it’s not necessary. Closure can just be ‘saying goodbye’ to the relationship but remaining friends. Acceptance is a huge deal in this arena.
Either way, you must take time. Time is not going to heal you…it only makes it easier to accept. the old phrase time heals everything is not true. So, take time to be sad, but you must also accept the circumstances because one can also dwells on things and it only makes the depression stage longer. This is not healthy.


Reaching the stage of mourning is a gift not afforded to everyone. If you lost someone because of a death, then it was most likely sudden and unexpected.
We must be brave.
Coping with the loss of someone, no matter what cause, is a deeply personal and singular experience. No matter how much time I speak to someone about the issue, it’s something we must resolve within ourselves. Although others can be there to help you cope and comfort you through the process, you must be the one who accepts the reality of it.
The best thing to do is accept your feelings and allow yourself to grieve. Resisting only prolongs the natural process of healing.

Soul Ties
Now, it’s important to acknowledge that these kinds of issues can cause soul ties. Links to people that are passed. It’s not healthy. So, cut the ties. Let it go. Pray on it. Ask GOD to break any ties which need to be broken.

Throughout each stage, a common thread of hope emerges: As long as there is life, there is hope. As long as there is hope, there is life.
Hope comes from GOD! Hope is the everlasting desire of a positive outcome. Only GOD can give this.
Through my faith I have hope. And you can too.


Medical Diagnosis:
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as transient apical ballooning syndrome, apical ballooning cardiomyopathy, stress-induced cardiomyopathy, Gebrochenes-Herz-Syndrom, and stress cardiomyopathy is a type of non-ischaemic cardiomyopathy in which there is a sudden temporary weakening of the myocardium. Because this weakening can be triggered by emotional stress, such as the death of a loved one, a break-up, or constant anxiety, it is also known as broken-heart syndrome.


Jesus had a tremendous amount of grief. Jesus’ bloody sweat is evidence of great grief. Let me suggest that Jesus died from stress-induced cardiomyopathy as a result of the rejection and grief which He experienced as He walked in this world.
It is commonly taught today that Jesus died of a broken heart. This idea was introduced by a Dr. Stroud about the year 1847, in the book On the Physiological Cause of the Death of Christ.
Stroud claimed that Christ died of “laceration or rupture of the heart.” This idea has since been perpetuated by many Protestants today. You will find this idea explained in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, on page 489 under the article “Blood and Water.”
Dr. Stroud, in his book, tried to explain that the death of Christ resulted because His heart ruptured. He reasoned that the blood passed from the heart into the pericardium or caul of the heart where it collected into red clot (blood) and into the limpid serum (which he calls “water”). Therefore, after Jesus was dead, says this doctor, a spear was thrust into His side and out flowed a little blood and water which had collected around His heart So, it is reasoned, Jesus died of a broken heart!
So, Jesus understands your pain. Through each stage, ask GOD for help. Overall, HE is the One who will give you the most help. He will be the One who can give you everything you need. And I mean this when I say this: HE is the ONLY One who can give you unconditional love. How? Because HE will NEVER leave you or forsake you.

  1. Gary R. Sayers says:

    —– How does a broken heart connect to Jesus???… ANY WAY IT CAN, AS QUICK AS IT CAN… Been there, done that… God promises to RUN to those so afflicted… Heard all the sermons on “Jesus died on the cross from a broken heart”… But it’s a bit simpler than ‘cardiac arrest’ or ‘dysfunction of the paramecium’, I think… OUR SINS put Him on that cross… But He also bore our pains, our sufferings, our losses, our JUDGEMENT… All of this inflicted by a God of love who cannot co-exist with sin or unholiness, upon HIS OWN BELOVED SON… The FATHER’S heart must ALSO have been broken, and He WOULDN’T have DONE IT if Jesus had simply ‘asked out’ in Gethsemane… But He DIDN’T… He took that upon HIMSELF, WILLINGLY, for ME..
    —– So THAT is the reason I believe, anyway, that we LOVE HIM… Because he FEELS our pain… HE “GETS IT”… As Keith Green said in the song “Asleep in the Light”–“Yet He cries, He weeps, He bleeds…And He cares for your needs…” The one reason I want to lay my head gently upon His bosom is that my whole ridiculous LIFE He has been bearing MY pain, healing MY diseases, providing for My cares, and as Keith also said in the same song: “I just lay back and keep soaking it in…” I met Keith once and he prayed a prayer over my life… I can’t to this day quote you the prayer, but I CAN tell you that GOD HEARD IT and is STILL ANSWERING IT TODAY… NOBODY has ever loved ME like God has… Nobody ever WILL… I’m OK with that…
    —– I used to think the ‘real Christians’ (still DO, in fact..) were strange, nerdy creatures who didn’t curse or live life, who had this strange ‘air’ about them; people I HAD to tolerate at least once a week, and run away from when I wanted a cold beer… I thought they never had any real problems, but that was because they were always so ‘right’ (eous)… I was NEVER, in fact, very ‘comfy’ in their ‘confines’…They ALWAYS quoted bible verses, seeming to ‘drill’ each other on same, with a pithy air of ‘self-satisfaction’… MOST of all. they NEVER suffered, NEVER got ‘hurt’, NEVER lied, cheated, stole, backbit, smoked, drank or chewed, nor hung out with any o’ them who DO… I came from the lower side of town; I’ve got one helluva story, actually, which I may be asked to tell when GOD clears the way and makes the means… Part of the reason I left the last church was the shallow-ness, the lack of spiritual depth I was feeling there, and it was getting tortuous, to be truthful… I could NEVER share with most of THEM the things I’ve been allowed to share HERE… MANY of THEM have similar stories, but they stay locked into that group; perhaps they feel more ‘welcome’ than I did… I just didn’t have the patience, and GOD comforted my heart deeply as soon as I left… For NOW it was the right thing to do… It was simply NOT my own true ‘spiritual home’…
    —– The ‘broken-hearted’ have to travel a lonely road for a long time, I believe… But there they LEARN, though many trials and tears, that JESUS is the best real friend they’ve GOT… HE bears ALL, unquestioningly, unhesitatingly, un-brokenly… I want to encourage any of you out there (NOT to steal any of Sis’ thunder, to wit…) that IF YOU HAVE BEEN one of the many who’ve experienced severe ‘heart-broken-ness’, try to talk to HIM about it, but in REAL HONESTY… POUND THE TABLE if you must with Him!!!…I have DONE THIS, and by crackee, HE LISTENS!!.. He’ll cry with you, laugh with you, even crack a JOKE with you if you let Him… He’s got quite a sense of humor, actually… But seek Him about whether HE might be ‘prepping’ you up as He ‘props you up’ for some meaningful kind of service to His hurting people… He MUST DO THIS…THEE and ME are the only ‘hands’ He’s GOT, or more accurately the only ‘hands’ He’ll choose to USE… And HE delights in using us to that end, through which He builds relationships and edifies His Body, His Own Beloved Bride, HIS TRUE CHURCH… Try Him on… And don’t be ‘put-off’ by the rejection and shallowness of others who cannot understand; do not, in like manner ‘judge’ or condemn such folk (also for whom Christ died) or become ‘insular’ (I have done THAT, also..)… Allow GOD to soften your heart and wish them NO evil… Pray for them if you are so moved… But take an encouragement through your own tears that OTHER more Transcendent Eyes are ALSO wet… On YOUR BEHALF… Lift up your broken heart to GOD, who loves you so much as to UNDERSTAND… THAT’S something you won’t get guaranteed from ANY human ‘person’ you meet, for SURE…

    • Gary R. Sayers says:

      —— In the above lengthy entry, I DO believe I would be hanged on sight if I did not clarify the word ‘paramecium’ shoulda oughtta have been “pari-CARD-ium”…SO THERE!!!… I caught MYSELF before any o’ you ‘braniacs’ could correct me on it ..
      Comes with the lack of a good college education, I suppose… Any of you who can recommend a ‘good college’ in this pagan society we live in step forth… Gotta ‘bone up’ on my ANG-LISH, I reckon’… ANYHOW, GOD FORGIVES ME!!!…(heh! heh!)

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