Push and Pull

Posted: October 4, 2014 in GOD, Jesus Christ


There are definitely stages in one’s life where you feel like you’re on top of the world. Things just couldn’t be any better…you have loved ones and people who show they appreciate you and then they leave.
Where are you now? Now, that they’ve all pulled away? You feel so alone. You feel so abandoned. You just want to throw the towel in and say, “I’m done!”
Your married but it’s just a relationship where you go through the motions. You have children but they don’t call, or come by to see you. You have friends but they are busy with their lives and you rarely ever see them.
You just feel so alone.
But, you’re not!
Being alone is a state of mind, isn’t it? We are surrounded by hundreds, and thousands of people every day. Yet, we search for the connection. They push you away. There’s a void…a deep abyss of nothing. It would be easy to just give up wouldn’t it? Like so many other people have done…just give up.
But, you can’t!
This is the time in your life where you pull Jesus Christ closer. Closer than ever before. He’s always there, even though you can’t see Him. He’s your best friend in a time of need. He’s your partner in this life of emptiness…He will fill your heart. He’s your family when you have no other.
Pull Him Closer! Say: “Jesus Christ, I feel so alone, and empty. I feel like there’s no one I can reach out to. I feel like no one really cares. ”
He will tell you, “My child, you have Me. You always have. I’ve been here all along but you didn’t see Me. I’ve been beside you through all the hard times, through all the bad things that happened to you. I’ve been here when those people rejected you. I’ve been here when you’re family treated you like a stranger. I’ve been here when you thought you were alone.”
Reach out in this time of need. He will answer your call. He gives unconditional love where no one else ever has or will. He will fill the void. He can be your everything…if you let Him. But you must ask.
Go ahead, do it. Take the risk. What do you have to lose if you feel so abandoned and alone? You have everything to gain.
Jesus Christ is everything we will ever need and more.
So, push away the world and pull Jesus Christ closer.

  1. erniemink says:

    Jesus Christ has been used to justify feminism and the way women feel. Beware of that. This is NOT the Word of God. Real love is rare, but I refuse to accept a woman who is not the same as a man in understanding love, intimacy and togetherness. Women have been brainwashed to over-think, over-complicate and be paranoid about everything. I have seen innocent guys do NOTHING wrong, and the women will reject them and go with the wrong guys EVERY TIME. It is PROVEN. I have seen it in America mostly. But now that the Illuminati has completely infiltrated and controls the World Council of Churches, it will take a miracle even for me.

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