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This word is a rare word. And the meaning was used as a greeting, of sorts. The people of the early church gathered and would welcome others with the expression of this word. But, on the other hand it was also used for the departure.
But, I’ve also read that people would use it as a gesture in passing…such as passing one another on the street as a way to signal to the other user that they were a Believer. Yet, if the other person did not respond with the same then the person using the word knew that the other was not a Believer.


The reason:
The early Christians knew there was only One GOD! But the Roman Emperor, Caesar made it law to only call on him as god and lord. But, all-in-all the Christians in good conscience could not do this, so the Roman looked upon them as traitors, and persecuted them by putting them to death.
And so, living under such harsh conditions, the Believers moral was lifted speaking this word. In fact, they felt so oppressed by the times that they changed their usual greeting of ‘Shalom” which meant peace, to Maranatha.


The followers then and now know there will be NO PEACE until HIS ultimate return. In fact, there have been religious wars since the day Jesus Christ died!
This words derives from the Aramaic which is the language Jesus Christ spoke in His days on this Earth.
This words exact meaning stood for, “O LORD, come!”


We are constantly reminded and being reminded of the impending manifestation of GOD in the flesh…Jesus Christ. But this time, He will be on the Spirit.
The utilization of such a word in today’s world would mean, “The LORD cometh”. Which also suggests to execute judgement upon the ones who do not love GOD.


This leads to the exact Scripture connected to this word:
1 Corinthians 16: (KJV)
22. If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha.

Anathema is in front of Maranatha, what is this?
Since the time of the apostles, the term ‘anathema’ has come to mean a form of extreme religious sanction, known as excommunication.
But, it seems the word “anathema” was also meant to describe vehement disagreement with or dislike of something.
This totally makes sense when you read the Bible verse. Cursed really makes sense in this instance:

But, this is interesting in relation to the mysteries of the Bible! According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Hermon means “Forbidden Place.” Jerome (4th-century translator of the Latin Vulgate Bible) interpreted Hermon as “anathema.” Mount Hermon was the port of entry for a group of wicked angels, who corrupted the human race in the days of Noah. This is where the fallen angels first touched down!


A warning to non-believers. If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ then you may very well be cursed to GOD. But, HE is the ultimate Judge and only HE can decide your fate. All we can do is try to convince the unbeliever of Jesus Christ and the Salvation and Grace that HE offers.
So, I humbly ask you to take Jesus Christ into your life, into your heart and ask HIM for forgiveness and allow HIM to change your life and the destiny of your immortality.


MARANATHA-This is a spiritually uplifting word!
For we dwell on material things while living on this earth, and this is to be in constant tormoil. And looking down, we see the earth; and looking all around, we see earthly things. But looking up, we see HOPE of the coming of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ. THE SON OF GOD!
So, to those who are discouraged, “MARANATHA”; to those who are in peril, “MARANATHA”; to those who are filled with anxiety over the things happening in the world today, “MARANATHA”.

So, to you, my friend….I say:

  1. Gary R. Sayers says:

    —- MARANATHA!!!…(There…. I’ve said it AGAIN…)

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