Doctrine of Devils

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Bible Truths, Demons, False Religions, GOD, Jesus Christ, Warfare, Witchcraft


Listen up people….there are many of you who need this:

1 Timothy 4:
1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. 4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: 5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

We’ve all heard this verse, hopefully. But, when Paul was writing to Timothy about this subject, and says, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly…”and some will depart from the faith”…well we need to elaborate on this!
Great emphasis is placed on this first verse. It’s likened to the phrase when Jesus Christ says, “Verily, Verily”…many should pay close attention.
You see, this chapter is not talking about the obvious. If a man walks into a church and says, “Im a Satanist, or I’m an atheist…or agnostic…this will of course alert those in the church to their intentions. But, if a Believer (A Christian) comes saying, “I have a ‘new’ or ‘better’ or ‘more Biblical way of looking at things”, this is all together different. It’s dangerous.


I was recently on a social media and saw a posed question about drinking alcohol. I answered it revealing that the original name of alcohol was ‘spirits’. And for good reason. And that the wine which Jesus Christ admittedly drank was no where near the degree of strength and intensity which our current society consume. But, everything is to be taken in moderation.
Well, I was challenged by my answer. This is the exact reason which I rarely get into discussions/debates. For one reason, I firmly believe that we live in a time when the spiritual war is intensifying exponentally…and to waste time ‘arguing’ with a Believer is senseless because it takes our energy which should be utilized against the supernatural rather than the natural. Secondly, it seems that people, especially Believers are drawing themselves into arguments about frivolous issues.
I will explain.


Verse 2, says, “Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.”…this reminds me of cattle. Cattle thieves were once a huge issue, especially in Texas…but it seems to be making a huge comeback with the price of beef. And to define one’s ownership of the animal, the branding of it was essential. In doing so, it seems extremely abusive but necessary. At first the animal fiercely fights against the process and then it actually seems to calm itself. The burning of the nerves allows for some relief in that the animal cannot feel it as intensely.
Is this likened to the ‘searing’ of conscience? Does the individual have no ‘sense’ of the sin? Are they not only blind to the issue but don’t even sense the sin they commit? Is that what Paul speaks of?
One becomes self-righteous when their behavior becomes hypocritical. It’s said to be the failure to follow one’s own expressed moral rules and principles. Is the grass greener on the surface but underneath, dead?
The next verse speaks of forbidding in marriage and food. Food? What in the world? Let’s reverse our steps back to chapter 3, and we learn of a code of conduct…if you will. And the overall feeling I get from it is piety. Humilty is something we must all demonstrate on a daily basis.


How many religions come forth and tell you, you can’t eat meat? Or you cant get married? What are they doing? They’re practicing false doctrine.
An example is this: Science can send man to the moon but cant even figure out how to take crime out of your neighborhood. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Well, think about it.
You can take the legalism of morals, integrity and all those things which humanity views as righteous but without GOD, it means nothing. Food cannot make you holy. Marriage cannot make you holy.
Teaching a prostitute how to dress won’t change her behavior. It wont give her one ounce of power. but teach them the love of The Gospel and you change their world.
If we spend our fighting about the logistics, we lose valuable time which could be spent teaching THE GOSPEL.


The Gospel is The Word. The Word of GOD. Jesus Christ is unfathomable. NOTHING comes close. A church discussing the minor issues instead of the major is one in trouble.
Scriptures is the Doctrine. It gives us direction, no doubt. The perfect example is the Book of Proverbs. But, we’re not to be distracted because the core, the foundation is Jesus Christ.
We all have different views, and experiences which gives us those views but looking from the outside in….what makes a Believer (Christian)? Love. Compassion. Mercy.
Where do we receive those? Jesus Christ, who is The Gospel. The Word.
The mere fact that He died for us should be the catalyst.
So, when you see Believer’s acting this way….vere the other way. Steer clear. For this, my friend is doctrine of devils.

  1. Kittii says:

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  2. Kittii says:

    Some people have it worse than I do. I need to hear these testimonies, so I have hope.

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  3. Gregory Katsapas says:

    How to know if the doctrine is from the devil more focus or all focus will be put on everything else but Jesus Christ. Take away or downplay Jesus and some just blatantly discredit him.

    Catholics Too much focus on the saints. Did they die on the cross for us by choice?
    Too much focus on the pope. Did he or any of the previous popes die on the cross for us by choice?

    Muslims Jesus was just another prophet. (The Jesus was just another man gang)

    Judaism Jesus was a false messiah. (The Jesus was just another man gang)

    New Age Jesus was a perfect soul like many others and ascended like many other souls that achieved that level of perfection. (Jesus was just another man gang) They saying you or I can achieve that level too. Yeah right tell me another one

    Buddhists Complete focus shift nowhere is Jesus mentioned. Just this amazing way of living and conducting ones self. One problem what happens when I stop living? Ooops I am now in a world unlike the previous one who is in charge here? The problem is no one cares about what you eat or how you treat anyone here, there seems to be two teams here this Jesus guy and the other guy satan, now I have a problem Buddha is nowhere to be found and cant help me yip thats the spirit world my friends two teams team Jesus and satan thats why Jesus kept emphasising it If you are not with me you are against me cause their are only two teams.

    The act of love that Jesus did, is proof enough isnt it? How many people die willingly to help another very few and he knew it was coming, Jesus had a say in it he chose to I dont really know what more people want to see or hear.

    Its like when God said is my creation not enough? I mean come on people no one on the planet can make something from nothing(the demons can bring stuff into our dimension so it looks like the magician created it but thats another story) Let me rephrase that can anyone on the planet make or give life? It comes from one place God. The demonic magicians of this day and age have copied most of Jesus miracles to make it seem he was a magician and nothing more they cant copy one he gives life Jesus made a dead man alive again that miracle cannot be copied by any magician for only Jesus the body of God can give life. So thats who Jesus is and what he did for us.

    If Jesus had not died for us, one sin and we would have been done for, he stepped up to the plate and said take me in exchange for the sins of all of them (The people), so that they may live on. Thats bigger than we can comprehend.

    Pretty amazing guy I think, dont know about you but thats seriously generous and kind. True self sacrifice.

    So wherever Jesus the body of God is not, God to who is Jesus mind is also not, and where God is not the evil one is my friends so be very careful no Jesus, no God but you can bet your lucky stars you will find 1x King Rat(The devil)

    Pray to the Father in my name(Jesus). Not accidental.

    Can I get to the Father (the mind God) if I dont address or acknowledge the body(Jesus)?

    No body(Jesus) no anything thats in the body the Holy spirit or God (The mind). No on comes to the the Father but through me. only one way to God my friends and thats through Jesus his body. The devil knows this all to well thats why everything on our planet says Jesus was just a man or speaks of everything else but Jesus this is not accidental.

    Jesus is the Door and the devil wants to make sure you dont open that door. I AM THE WAY what more did Jesus have to say.

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