Declaration of Dependence

Posted: August 2, 2014 in GOD, Jesus Christ

I give my full declaration of dependence upon GOD. Do you?
Psalms 62:2, 6-8
In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.
He only is my rock and my salvation, My stronghold; I shall not be shaken. On God my salvation and my glory rest; The rock of my strength, my refuge is in God. Trust in Him at all times, O people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.


Charles Haddon Spurgeon said that Psalms allows us to see why David was, “a man after God’s own heart.” One can see why Spurgeon believed Psalm 25 was written in David’s latter days.
We live on a cold, nasty, dirty rock! From the time we come out into this world, kicking and screaming, fighting for our very life; we know that it’s a dark cesspool.
When I was in my early 20’s, I was being called by GOD to work for HIM. I even told my boyfriend (no husband), that it was my duty. But, drugs had a vicious hold on me. And it spiraled downward from there. It was a mess! The Holy Spirit told me; “One day you will be working for the Lord”. I knew it in my spirit.


Then years passed, decades actually. What’s really interesting is that Satan knew this too! So, he threw the kitchen sink at me…I had 5 surgeries in a 13-month span after deciding to work for GOD. I had demons working around the clock on me, spiritually, mentally and physically. Was Satan trying to stop me? Absolutely. Why? Because I was setting my DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE. What’s your story? Your declaration? Are you dependent….


It reminds me of walking barefoot on a beach in the sand. Your cruising along and then…a pebble hits a tender spot of your foot. Then, it’s a bigger one, until then turn into rocks. Life is that way. Especially when you don’t follow GOD. And mysteriously it happens the same way when you do realize your turning your life around for GOD. That’s because Satan hates the fact that your not one of his anymore.


Are you walking in a downward spiral? Do you need GOD, but can’t figure out how to pray to HIM? Do you know how to set your path towards GOD?
There is the pathway of God. The end of the line is always the cross. The end of the line for us is always the place where our path ends and God’s begins; and that place is always the cross. Yet, the symbol of shame became the sign of salvation when God’s path and God’s ways came together.
Psalms 25:
To you, O Lord, I offer my prayer;
2 in you, my God, I trust.
Save me from the shame of defeat;
don’t let my enemies gloat over me!
3 Defeat does not come to those who trust in you,
but to those who are quick to rebel against you.

4 Teach me your ways, O Lord;
make them known to me.
5 Teach me to live according to your truth,
for you are my God, who saves me.
I always trust in you.

6 Remember, O Lord, your kindness and constant love
which you have shown from long ago.
7 Forgive the sins and errors of my youth.
In your constant love and goodness,
remember me, Lord!

8 Because the Lord is righteous and good,
he teaches sinners the path they should follow.
9 He leads the humble in the right way
and teaches them his will.
10 With faithfulness and love he leads
all who keep his covenant and obey his commands.

11 Keep your promise, Lord, and forgive my sins,
for they are many.
12 Those who have reverence for the Lord
will learn from him the path they should follow.
13 They will always be prosperous,
and their children will possess the land.
14 The Lord is the friend of those who obey him
and he affirms his covenant with them.

15 I look to the Lord for help at all times,
and he rescues me from danger.
16 Turn to me, Lord, and be merciful to me,
because I am lonely and weak.
17 Relieve me of my worries
and save me from all my troubles.
18 Consider my distress and suffering
and forgive all my sins.

19 See how many enemies I have;
see how much they hate me.
20 Protect me and save me;
keep me from defeat.
I come to you for safety.
21 May my goodness and honesty preserve me,
because I trust in you.


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