DRAGON SLAYER-Controlling the Demons

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Demons, Fallen Angels, Paranormal, Warfare


Control Your Energy and You’ve Starved a Demon



To keep demons from affecting you, control your energy….moods, emotions and outbursts. Anger most of all. Avoid anger and unlearn fear and remain calm as a heavy stone dropped into a deep lake; abandon resentments and grudges; let absolutely nothing ruffle your feathers.
Evil spirits need negative energy, so starve a demon of all negative energy, effectively suffocate it from this world, a diver with no oxygen.


Negative energy is the engine that makes it work.
If a book flies off of a shelf, simply think;,”These things happen”, and ignore all provocations to feel fear. Don’t give it any credit because it does not deserve any. If you do, you’re feeding it. As I mentioned, they start of fairly weak in our plane of existence. Just tourists on a bus passing through. They can watch what’s going on, but they don’t have much effect over anything. Give them a day pass, though, and they’ll mix in like they belong.


Actively countering negative energy gives the demon less power, less time in our plane, and thus less evil effects on people.
Understanding this is VITAL to keeping demonic evil minimized.
Don’t Fear The Demon
Fear is the main source of negative energy.
Demons feast on such negative power.
If you let demons scare you, anger you, or consume your thoughts you are effectively giving them the exact energy they need to get stronger.


You are a hero! Protect your armor. Use your Armor of GOD (Ephesians) to work against the demonic forces around you. And just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean their not there. There are actual sites which will caress you into feeding your demons, books written about it! Imagine how they gain their strength? NOW YOU KNOW.

Think of it like swimming. We can dive down into the water and hold our breath for some time. While we’re there we can make a mess of things, or simply see what’s going on. After a short while, though, we run out of oxygen and need to come back to “our world” on the surface. This appears to be the same with demons. They can “hold their breath” and come into our world for a time, but they can’t stay for too long. So, use this as a lesson.

The exception comes in a similar way as swimming. Just as a diver can go for longer dives with a breathing apparatus, so can a demon take longer stays on our plane of existence if they have a way of doing so.

Evil spirits need negative energy while positive spirits need positive energy. It’s just like a battery – it doesn’t work backwards. By starving a demon of negative energy you are effectively suffocating it from this world, just like a diver with no oxygen.

It starts with awareness. Start becoming very aware of your responses to certain things. Being aware of these irrational thoughts and fears is the first and most crucial step to getting rid of them. Remain positive. Stay in the Word of GOD.



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