Shocking Changes

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Bible Truths, Demons, Fallen Angels, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Warfare

There is an evil in this world that seems to be festering and morphing into every aspect of our lives leaving its victims on the brink of moral collapse. This evil has not only hit our churches, but it has invaded our homes, our schools, and more prominently our government.
These elite are no longer hiding their agenda in the dark, and they have come out in the open with their evil schemes.


Think back with me a few decades, to a time when prayer and Bible reading was a part of our everyday school systems. When teachers would lead their students in a word of prayer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.


When the Bible was used as a primary textbook for not only reading, but character and moral training as well. To when the main concerns of parents were talking in class, and gum chewing, instead of teen suicide, drug abuse, or school shootings. Oh how we yearn to go back. Back to a time before prayer and Bible reading was stripped from our schools.


Since prayer was removed in 1962 violence has been on the rise. Although, other events have impacted our school children, such as the increasing levels of violence and sex on television and the media; the banning of prayer is one of the most significant events affecting Americans.

army scope order 2

According to Wikipedia the top offenses in Schools prior to prayer being removed were: Talking, Gum Chewing, Making Noise, Running in the Halls, Cutting in Line, Dress Code Violations, and Littering.
After prayer was removed: Rape; Robbery; Assault; Burglary; Arson; Bombings; Murder; Suicide; Absenteeism; Vandalism; Extortion; Drug abuse; Alcohol abuse; Gang warfare; Pregnancies; Abortions; Venereal disease.


So, the Bible has been stripped from our schools, and the elite are becoming bold in their symbology where they once hid their agenda and only revealed these connections with symbols and numbers; but now we see things progressing in front of our eyes.


Luciferian statues, Satanic masses and so much more. Satan has remained an evil figure which was hidden from society under the sheets and beneath the bed but now it’s totally the opposite.

We need to stand tall; don’t back down. Take a stand for your beliefs and show Satan and the dark side that we will fight for GOD and what’s right.

Read your Bible daily; pray for everything under the sun; use Scripture as a shield and never forget what the difference between right and wrong. The Bible warned us that good will seem like evil and evil seem good; and these are the days we live in.

  1. cjoverend says:

    You’re insane. Crime was worse in the 90s than it is now. Your arguments above are not only not causal, but completely fabricated. The only thing I fear is that there are people out there stupid enough to believe them. I wish they’d kept God out of schools in Northern Ireland.

  2. mtrajjs says:

    Satan has no power, 0. Scripture says in 2 Thessalonians 2 because of mans wickedness and refusal to love the truth that GOD would send them strong delusion so they would believe a lie, NOT Satan. There is no other GOD but ONE.

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