Pruning & Purging

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Bible Truths, Demons, GOD, Jesus Christ, Paranormal, Warfare


Pruning-When GOD prunes, it’s because it becomes necessary for one’s growth. Growth is part of spiritual warfare, but more importantly it’s part of your relationship with GOD.
Pruning hurts! It’s likened to a bush. You must ‘clip’ off parts to let ‘new’ growth take place.


Remember, GOD took Noah out of the population to place him in an ark. This ark was to save the ‘pure’ generation from which Jesus Christ would be born. It had to be pure! Why wasn’t it? The fallen angels came and mated with mankind to produce what the Bible called Nephilim. Hybrids. These bloodlines tainted the core bloodlines of the earth, and more importantly the bloodlines which Jesus was to be originate. In order to bring humanity back from chaos, and purify this bloodline once again, Noah has to be segregated and the Great Deluge was to happen. Noah had to be placed in the ark for this was a relationship at the heart of GOD. A covenant, if you will.

So, GOD pruned mankind to let it grow once again. This was a satanic attachment on mankind, and attack on GOD’S people from Satan and his fallen ones. But, GOD gives us a script to live by as an example of what it once was, and will be. GOD purged the spirits from mankind.


The Nephilim are dead spirits. They were a leprosy on mankind. This was the first example of spiritual warfare! But why? Because there were not totally purged from the earth. Why, you ask? If GOD is ALL-Powerful, then why not finish it! Because GOD uses this as a Free Will test, even for the angels. We are all given free will, even the angels and demons.
Reasons to prune? To remove the ‘dead’ parts, shaping…thereby controlling, and/or redirecting the growth, improving or maintaining growth and health, reducing the risk of falling ‘branches’. Make sense? A metaphor, per say. Thereby yielding produce of the fruit, but also the quality. The process and practice targets, the removal of the diseased, damaged, and ‘dead’, non-productive, structurally unsound, or otherwise unwanted ’tissue’.


To remove impurities; purify. To rid of sin, guilt, or defilement. An act of removing by cleansing; ridding of sediment or otherwise undesired elements. Some refer to this as a ‘purgatorial rite’. This in an essence seems to produce a binding and loosing effect, that would ‘cleanse’ the sin from the soul/spirit.
Anyone can bind evil, as long as they have Jesus Christ in their heart and soul. Jesus Christ tells us we all have the authority to do it. But it only works in His Name!


In Matthew 12:29, He tells us we must first bind the “strongman” before we can plunder his house. Then, we can loose…clarifying: the binding “forbid and declare to be improper and unlawful”.
So, this means you must first find out what legal holds Satan has on your life, and your family’s life. What legal rights do the demons hold over you? This can pertain to witchcraft practiced in the family generations ago but it remains a factor today! Affecting you and your loved one’s to the point of even death. This can also be past activity in the occult; from visiting a medium, or even practicing astrology and horoscopes.


The spirits have specific functions they perform and names they go by. Ex: lust, adultery, pride, strife, discouragement, idolatry, homosexuality, shame, hate, envy, obsession, suicide, and literally thousands of others. You don’t have to be involved in the occult to give the demons permission to enter your life, body, and soul.
One must remember even purging bad habits, and other avenues must be performed to rid us of dealing with bad spirits. When you give these demons legal rights to enter your thought processes, they can cause chaos. Also, remember even when your being the ‘best’ you can be, demons can enter your thoughts and try to cause problems. This is why the Armor of GOD is so important. They test us, especially if we’re a child of GOD!


Purge your conscience, let GOD purge your conscience of the dead works so you can serve HIM.
As gross as it may sound, purging like vomiting is an involuntary spasm movement to eject from the body unclean things.
If your reading this today, the GOD wants to take you higher in Him, and closer to His Heart. But you cannot obtain this with ‘dead weight’ attached.
There are NO coincidences in life. Everything has a purpose.
Hebrew 12:1
Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,


Purging and pruning is a process which GOD practices to utilize your life for Him, to take out anything that is not like His Son.
It can be an emotional process, sometimes with immense pressure. This is not easy but it must be done.


I tell people all the time, this war is about BLOOD! Sounds gross, right? It comes down to blood because ultimately Jesus Christ gave us many things through the process of shedding His Blood. But aside from this, we have the opposite. Satan is all about the opposite!
Demons use blood for many things. They taught mankind the art of war, which releases blood. They taught mankind the process of cannibalism, which has sadly made a comeback in the last few years. This process is part of the rituals which the fallen angels taught man thousands of years ago to produce increased power. Nations/people divided cannot conquer, but only fail. Same with GOD’S people! Satan uses us against one another to cause strife and war, but you can bet your bottom dollar demons are involved!


We are noticing an exponential increase of demonic influences on man, but recently it’s producing itself as ‘hauntings’ and such. Although there is NO such thing as ‘ghosts’, the evil spirits have worked very hard to convince man these ‘ghost’s exist.
Seems the natural world can’t get enough of the supernatural right now. First of all, this is because our spirit is trying to communicate to us that we are coming close to the end of this world, and it’s a supernatural war at hand. We are infested with movies, programs on television, and even in books that project the war we are in. Now, they plots usually don’t portray the truth! You know….the good is bad and the bad is good. Even with the increase curiosity in the paranormal many people are still skeptical, but demons don’t care if you believe or not,…in fact they’d rather you didn’t. It helps their plans.


Every believer or non-believer is engaged, either knowingly or unknowingly; in direct conflict with Satan and his demons. This is the whole point of Ephesians!
Why? Well, it boils down to communication. Communicating with the dead is strictly prohibited in the Bible. The demons know the Bible better than you or I. They know the consequences of such actions. When a person dies, his soul/spirit moved onto the next dimension immediately. There’s no delay or residual effects. And we cannot return without GOD’S permission and this RARELY happens and when it does it’s with HIS purpose. When we communicate with the ‘dead’ (demons), we are only increasing the quantity of demons performing evil acts. We must also remind ourselves that negative events and activities only increase the activity.


Their agenda? Blood/Souls. The bloodlines of generations past and their origins are for a purpose in GOD’S Plan. It’s like a puzzle. Stan uses bloodlines to curse man. Man against man. Spirit against spirit. Where do you think the New World Order originates? Well, it’s not man-made! It originates with fallen angels.
Demons will answer for their actions, just as we will. All actions cause a reaction. GOD’S Natural Law. GOD’S Law was first, and will be last! The Alpha & Omega.


The thorn, you say? Can you imagine the florist offering a bouquet of thorns? Few find them captivating and for good reason. They are not beautiful, and they have no purpose but to inflict pain, it seems.
But you see, GOD has a purpose even for the thorns. GOD weaves thorns into the revelation of His Divine purpose.
Every thorn reminds us of the canvas of GOD’S masterpiece in us. Woven in a painting with purpose, are the stokes of each one of His creations.
The One who appeared in the Garden and pronounced the curse of thorns now reappears in the midst of thorns, promising deliverance.
Did you know the “Burning Bush” was a thornbush?


The last place Israel encamps before they enter the Promised Land was called Abel-Shittim, which means “the Field of Thorns”
The raw material of that tabernacle is Acacia wood (Exodus 26:29), a small tree or bush whose branches are covered with long thorns.
Ultimately, thorns on Jesus’ head serves to remind us of the price He paid for us.
So, you see…thorns are a constant in life. From the fallen angels, demons and evil spirits to the problems we face in life…we are subjected to thorns. Inflicting physical harm along the way, but Who is the Healer? Jesus Christ. HE is!
Take your purging and pruning pains to Him! He will ease the suffering. He will give you unconditional love. No one else can make that promise!

  1. ViBgYoR8888 says:

    i have also been talking about the blood.

  2. kyle says:

    Thank you so much for preaching this online . I stay in Cape Town South Africa.
    I am bisexual but my attractions are more gay. I have acted on it.
    How do I findout more about bloodlines ?

    • I do not condone the behavior….but I love people. Bloodlines can be researched through online websites, or you can begin with family and start your own tree. Old newspapers, local libraries and such can be utilized as well. Peace & Blessings-V

  3. tim watson says:

    Great read! Thanks you for taking your precious time to put this out there. Shalom!

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