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Spiritual warfare is done in the spirit.

These are a few things that I discovered that one may use in identifying these infiltrators. They are crafty and they are able to hide very well but these things will help you in discovering what took my by surprise; but let me fore warn you, once your eyes are opened, you will never be the same again. So let us begin…
The scriptural precedence for infiltration is found in Matthew 13:24-42. Also, the early church had to deal with infiltrators too, the descriptions of their activity can be found in the book of Jude and also in II Peter chapter 2.


Infiltrators do not infiltrate the general population, they were known in the early church as “false prophets and false teachers” They will infiltrate positions of authority and of teaching so they can spread their influence properly.

1.) Infiltrators take positions of authority: Pastors, teachers, choir directors, alter workers, decans, etc. They come in with lots of money and lots of political influence and they throw this around like candy when first infiltrating a church. This money and influence buys them a position of authority and power in the church.

2.) Infiltrators identify themselves with symbols: This can be done mostly by jewelry or clothing. They do this to identify their position of power to other infiltrators who then get behind them and support them in their efforts to destroy the Church from within. The most common is that of the:
a. Ring worn on the middle finger: The middle finger is a finger that is associated with Saturn, which is anagram for Satan. A ring of any sort worn on the middle finger signals that they have magickal power in their bloodline. Occult practices are divided into two groups; left hand path, which is more of a satanistic type of occult, and the right hand path that is more religious and Luciferian in manner. Which hand they wear the ring on will identify which path of witchcraft they practice.
The plain gold wedding band is the most powerful symbol of all. It signifies that their bloodline can produce an anti-Christ, and it also signifies a “bride of Satan” position of power. A plain gold wedding band worn on the middle finger is a “bride of Satan” symbol that signifies their authority in Satan.

3.) Another symbol is the wearing of red: A red dress for the ladies and a red tie for the men. It is in homage to the “Beast” that is described in Revelation as being a red seven headed dragon. Also, Sunday is the high witch day for power. Notice when ever a state function is broadcast on TV, how many red ties and how many red dresses there are. These are symbols that Satanist use to identify themselves one to another.


Those symbols are not just for the Church goers, look for them in advertisement, and on movies, usually the “enlightened one” will wear the ring or the red. When you look for them, it will surprise you how much there are of them.

A big place where infiltrators thrive is in Pentecostal type of services where “signs and wonders” are promoted. This gives the infiltrator a prime platform to use their occult power and demon alliance to the maximum. They can do all manner of “lying signs and counterfeit wonders, but they must first get everyone worked up into a mental state or religious frenzy for the demons to be able to do their “magick”.

It all begins in the “praise and worship”: They will use repeated phrases, and a type of swaying back and forth is used to place the congregation into a post hypnotic trance. This is done by long hours of songs, repeated phrases, and swaying back and forth and music designed to place people into a state of hypnosis.

Once the congregation is hypnotized they are ready: For the demons to counterfeit all manner of signs and wonders. Even healings have occurred, but demonic healings do not last much longer than what the person is able to maintain a state of passive mind for the demons to work in.


The infiltrators are the ones working the alter: They want to “lay hands” on a person so that the demons can “knock them down” in the spirit and give them a altered state of uphoria. Once this occurs, the demons can gain entry into the life of the believer and do all manner of evil work. usually through sexual perversion since that type of sex magick is used to counterfeit the Holy Spirit.

This would be a good time to watch them in action on your TV. Watch as the congregation is placed in a post hypnotic trance, then is susceptible to all manner of manipulation.

Churches aren’t the only organization they infiltrate, they infiltrate any organization that can give them power and influence over people. Politics and Education; military, Medical professions, any area where power over people is used.

The infiltrator who is working their magick on stage while singing a song about “how they love Jesus” and “how much they adore the Lord” will actually shake their head in a “NO” fashion to signal the other infiltrators that they really don’t believe the “stuff they are singing about”.


Of course everybody probably know the occult hand gestures a Satanist infiltrator will use during a sermon to signal the others when to support them with their demonic magick. The common one is the “hook em horns” that is popular, but other occult signals can also be used. There are a few good books that you can get that will help one to identify these hand signals. Texx Mars book “Codex Magica” is one of these books. Study the hand signals, then just turn on the TV and watch any TV preacher and see what is going on right under your nose. It will open your eyes to the truth of what is going on and why Christianity has lost it’s savor.

The middle finger ring is an important symbol. For those who wear it they wear it with great pride. You can see them illustrate with the hand that holds the ring on it and they continue to flash it off as it is a symbol of great power among the Nephilim Generational Satanist.

You see it everywhere, on TV, movies, news, advertisements, once you know what it means, you can begin to see it everywhere. That is because it is hidden by the power of darkness. But once the true light comes in, it dispels the darkness so that you can then see it.

catholic church

To be honest, I don’t know why it is important to them, but as a symbol, it is. I know that the middle finger is associated with the planet Saturn, which in turn is a symbol for satan. These symbols have multiple meanings to different people depending on how deep you are into being “enlightened.”

I think that enlightenment to them; is to me a state of total darkness where it swallows up all of what is left of the core individual, and all that is left are the multiples that have been programmed into them. Sad really, such potential in a cursed race that abuses their own to such a degree.

Satan has always used a technique called “mirror image inversion” to try to usurp the throne and Kingdom of God. You find this precept in Isa.14:12-15:

“How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning (Lucifer’s title before he fell)how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exhalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation (a declaration to usurp the body of Christ from a heavenly position) in the sides of the North.
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.”


The term “I will be like” is a Hebrew word that means a mirror image replica. It is a powerful yet effective means to usurp the throne of God.

Satan cannot create, so he can only borrow or “steal” things from God. So all of his symbols, the pentagram, the hexagram, numerology, and all else occult manifestations to do all manner of witchcraft…he stole from God.

The mirror image looks exactly like you but it is not anything like you. Your right eye is it’s left eye, your right arm is it’s left arm, it (the mirror image) is a complete and perfect opposite of you, yet someone could easily mistake it for you if they walked only by sight.

In this same manner the Satanist adopts this mentality when infiltrating a church. Satan’s goal is to look exactly like the Kingdom, to confuse people into thinking that when they attend a church that they are attending a fellowship of believers, yet in essence it is a counterfeit look alike…just as Lucifer said he would do in Isaiah.

It is a very powerful concept, the more this exact mirror image is produced, an opposite effect is also produced in warfare so that the more they resist, the more destruction that one can level against them. That is why I taunt them and dare them to come against me, because I can then use their own magick against them and destroy them with it.


This is very complex and very involved concept and only for those who are well mature in their Christian faith to understand. Chocking on hard spiritual meat will produce fear and unbelief. I only set it out for those who are well versed in spiritual life in Christ.

Holiness is the catalyst by which the power of God can be made manifest in the life of the believer. God just refuses this kind of power to be held by anyone other than a believer who is completely devoted to Him, and one who lives exactly what they preach. This is why the infiltrator works hard to make the believer fall into sin.

Let me say this again The Nephilim do not fear any Christian…unless they live a holy life. Then their reaction is more of confusion than fear. They cannot figure out how a Christian can go without sinning. And this is why a Christian must set the foundation of the “Crucified life” before getting involved in heavy spiritual warfare.

The devil knows a person’s weaknesses, especially when it comes to sin. Sin empowers the devil, so he is going to work over time to make sure the believer is in bondage to sin.

demon satan father of lies

I would much rather be teaching the deeper aspects of Christian living than to expose the devil’s work within the Church, but instead, I am called to incite the devil in exposing their secrets they hold over the congregation so that the light can begin it’s work of dispelling the darkness. Again, it’s complex, but I do this in obedience to the Lord.
Jesus showed compassion on the Nephilim who came to Him…remember the woman who Jesus ignored when she asked Him to heal her son? Remember what He said? ” It is not right to give the meat from the table to dogs.” Yet the woman humbled herself and argued that yes, but even the dogs eat the crumbs fallen from the masters table. This woman was a Caananite, and most definitely a Nephilim, yet the Lord did answer her cry for help.

The Nephilim are a cursed race, yet they too can be saved and engrafted into the vine of God’s Kingdom. I do not trust the Nephilim, their whole existence is built around believing a lie, and they are natural pathological liars. They can make people believe their lies as well through their magick.

Jesus comes to take possession of the throne of David that is already been established and that the Anti-Christ seeks to take over through flatteries. At that time, the entire world is under the control of the “people of the covenant” or the true remnant of God’s people. This can only come about is Mystery Babylon the Great is done away with.


Many people are confused when it comes to biblical prophecy because infiltrators have destroyed the true teaching of it to try to change the future. The Millennium Kingdom occurs after the return of Jesus Christ, and Jesus Himself sits on the throne of David, a throne that is already in motion and already the beginning of the Kingdom of God.
Ezekiel speaks specifically that it is God who establishes David a prince among them as the one true shepherd to rebuild what is left from the devastation of the fall of Mystery Babylon the Great. The throne of David is also called the “keys of David” an “Open door that no man can close and a close door that no man can open. It speaks of the Nephilim being sealed up into the bottomless pit (a closed door that no man can open) and a great revival the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy (a open door that no man can close)all a part of what is known as the “budding of the fig tree” an event that is promised in Matt. 24 that the generation that sees this will be alive for the return of Christ.

This kind of revelation to the chronology of prophetic events can only be given to one who has truly studied the entire text of God’s word. And it is stated over and over again all throughout the Old Testament it is the central theme of all Old Testament prophecy. “In the last days, the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established” this very statement is repeated over four times by different prophets to emphasize that a Kingdom formed from the “keys of David” is established and it is this Kingdom that the Lord Jesus comes to take possession of when the Anti-Christ tries to usurp it after the death of David.

They love to get close to genuine Christians and they like to give them things. I have had so many infiltrators give me things, that I would eventually have to burn or throw in the trash because of all that was attached to their “gifts”. I have had them give me very expensive things too. Things worth over a couple grand.

I have had to do a lot of “house cleaning” in my time of becoming a spiritual warrior. Chances are, everybody probably has some house cleaning to do also.

Infiltrators, like the tare, sucks the life out of the wheat as it gets close to it, and draws it’s nourishment from that wheat, in essence, a spiritual leach. I’m sure they prefer the term “spiritual vampire” but leach is closer to what they are.

Infiltrators are time stealers. They love to involve themselves with a Christian and take up all their spare time, they are pathological time stealers as they are liars too.

If you use these tips at uncovering them, they will know that you are discovering them, it’s kind of like when a light switch is turned on the cockroach knows it’s time to run and hide.


Be aware of ‘gifts’. Gifts come with attachments. By attachments, I mean demons. Quite simply: once you accept the ‘gift’, you accept the demon.
Because infiltrators like to pretend that they are your friends. And they like to get their hooks in you by showing what good friends they are by giving you nice things all the time. Things that are hard to throw away.

If I banish the attachment to the trash heap, then the demon also goes to the trash heap or landfill in many cases.
Once people begin to spot the signs that I outlined a work of spiritual light begins to pull off the blinders so to speak of the darkness that has held us all blind, then we can clearly see that life is not as simple as we once thought, that there are forces that wish to work within that darkness and seeks to blind the public of that work. The only thing that can combat this is the light of truth working in us the freedom of the release of bondage that they held in us.

When you begin to see who it is that is doing this occult work on us, it is sad that it is usually our closest friends who are responsible. Infiltrators love to get very close to Christians, the closer the better. I have seen good preachers who have great ministries and their closest friends are the Nephilim. They have literally Satan standing at their right hand to resist them. That is why the passage in Matthew 13 warns that “let them both grow together until the harvest lest while pulling them out you harm the wheat.” (Matt. 13:30)

Then once you have identified the source of the problem, then is the time to do house cleaning and ridding yourself of the gifts that have demons attached to them. The first step is to sever the soul ties connected to that item and to the person who sent it.

sinking fast

The work of spiritual light to expose the darkness is slow at first, but as it develops momentum then becomes like a flood of insight and the opening of the spiritual eyes. It’s like a dam, that has sprung a leak, at first it is slow and steady, then as it develops begins to pour out at a heavier stream, then as it goes on, then becomes a rush of water, then a flood that causes the entire dam to fall down. In like manner, the walls of deception many times have had years to build up, and it will take a while to tear them down, but knowledge is the first key to being released by this kind of blindness.
Pulling the “Crazy train” card is a satanic tactic of mis-direction. It is commonly used as a mind control device to thwart anyone from uncovering the truth.

However, there is some truth to your statement, so how does one tell the difference because often the truth is stranger than fiction. When a person is mentally ill and suffering from delusions then everything is delusional not just those things of religious significance. Mentally ill people cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. But when you find a conspiracy where there is a concentrated effort to cover up the truth, then you know that you are on to something.

I can tell you for a fact that Luciferians are in nearly all churches. They are encouraged to go as a cover and as a blasphemy.


They usually work their way in to becoming a trusted member of the church (they want to be involved, but in positions of authority or influence, not ministering). Commonly, they will steer a church in the wrong direction by befriending the pastor/minister or his wife. They then use “friendship” as a means to use psychology on the unsuspecting man or woman to slowly steer them off course. They also will try to buy their way into this by giving to the church often and graciously.

What you need to remember though, is that God uses their works against them. They will donate money and somehow it will help one of God’s chosen ones even though that money is probably also being influenced to be spent for worldly or wicked things.

A Luciferian in the church will usually cause a rift when they join a church and become influential to the church leadership. They will then work to get rid of the true believers in the church and remove them from positions of authority or influence. Commonly, one of the first things that occurs is that one who has the spiritual gift of discernment or a prophet exposes them and then they find themselves no longer welcome in the church shortly thereafter.

altar of sacrifice

The entire church is infested with these fleas. Many, many Christians have left the churches, but not their faiths because their FAITH compelled them to leave a place the Spirit showed them was not godly. I believe this is all part of the falling away of the sinful church and also the revival of the true Body of Christ.

The Nephilim absorb many varieties of occult disciplines and then use their own natural abilities and practice their craft using the discipline that they have chosen. Some even choose Christianity and then develop a type of “Christian witchcraft” to manipulate people to bend to their will.

So it is hard to call them a certain thing. I use the general term “Generational Satanist” to identify them as having a generational line or bloodline that stretches sometimes for generations of wickedness. As each generation of Nephilim dies, they become evil spirits that are free to roam the earth in search of a life-form (human) to feed off of and to leach from them their spiritual life, or they inhabit the person who can rightfully absorb their generational power from the previous generation. Each demon carries with it all the magickial power that they originally had in life, so the person along their bloodline who “inherits” this demon, will also inherit their power as well.

This is a type of reincarnation, and is at the heart of that belief system. They believe that when they choose to inhabit within the bloodline they originated from, that each successive generation has the ability to “learn” from the previous generation thus growing or “evolving” into a perfected man, or being. They are attempting to fulfill the original lie from the garden that “ye shall be as gods”.

One should note, that only the Nephilim are able to do this, they have a spiritual contract with Death and with Hell the principality “gatekeepers” of the dimensions of the underworld. Humans cannot do this, nor do their spirits have the ability to remain upon this Earth, but are taken into the dimensions of the underworld to be held until the judgment. Some, in the higher realms, others, in the lower realms, but they remain in a type of “dream state” until the judgment when they are raised along with all the dead, great and small.

church infiltrated

Once you are confident that you have an infiltrator that is involving themselves with your life they will want to dominate themselves with you. They will want to steal all your time, and they will want to be the number one focus of your time and life, and it is up to you to put your foot down and refuse them entrance into your life.

This will take the effort of you being wise and the Lord creating an opportunity for you to separate yourself from them. This is a team effort with you as a soldier standing your ground and the Lord providing a window of opportunity for freedom from them.

Infiltrators are dedicated to Satan. They will not loose focus, they will always push ahead of what their assignment is, therefore you will have to depend upon the Lord to open a window of opportunity for you. Infiltrators are pathological liars, and if there is one thing that you will catch them at it will probably be a lie that they have told you. They do this to activate their magick, so this is their base, once you have uncovered this, then it is easy to separate yourself from a person who is lying to you.

Infiltrators will not go down quietly. In most cases, they are on assignment, and to loose that assignment on many times could mean death for the infiltrator from their own coven, for Satanism has little tolerance for failure. They will do everything in their power to keep their hooks into you. You are going to have to insist that ties between you be severed. In most cases, these people are pretending to be your closest friends, and a friendship cannot be built if trust has been violated. I have had times where I have had to insist that the ties between them to be broken.

Note: I have had to work through a lot of things that do and some that do not work to be an effective soldier for the Lord. One mis-conception is this “pleading the Blood of Jesus over things”. This only works to a certain degree. The Blood of Jesus is a personal thing to cover the sins of individuals. And it isn’t another form of magic to fight “fire with fire” so to speak. This is going to have to be a combined effort of you and the Lord, and you are going to have to be able to receive instructions from the Lord to help you through areas that you are unfamiliar with. This Christianity is a symbiotic relationship where our God is real and becomes a real individual in the equation of spiritual matters.


All this must take place after you have severed all soul ties with that individual and the things that have given you as gifts. To do one without the other (severing the ties with the person and not the things they have given you) can result in demons oppressing you after the tie has been severed. They will not go down quietly and they will always make it look as if you are the bad guy for doing this.

Do not allow them to “reason” with you or argue with you. These people are masters of deception. They will not leave unless you take your spiritual authority and use it against them. Demand that they leave, and never return. This is your home and livelihood you are defending from an attacker who wants nothing but to kill, steal, and to destroy everything that you are or hold dear.

Although it is true that the evil spirit cannot posses a spirit of a Christian, they can however indwell the body, and do great damage to your body and your mind, if they have ground to do so.

They can have ground through the habitual practice of some sin; through family curses; or through involvement in the occult.

Just as the Bible said, the “Beast” is a principality that operates all of the Satanic Kingdoms. He is a counterfeit and counterpart of the Holy Spirit. He is currently being held in a dimensional prison, the bottomless pit where he will be sealed until the Devil can get the Key to it and release it and the Nephilim locust spirits also being held there, according to the scriptures.

There are six “heads” or separate Satanic Kingdoms; kind of like mini kingdoms, each having it’s own head, and governing body. These “Heads” are unique in their own distinctiveness, such as the difference between a Catholic and a Baptist. The Satanist themselves have their own leaders, and the Luciferians also have their own leaders.

Many people think a Satanist will stick out like a sore thumb. Some do, most do not.


Many Satanist are active church members. Fact are Freemasons and Satanists donate the most money in most churches all to gain positions of power and trust. From there they can guide the flock onto what passages they want you to learn and not others.

Satan can not create, he can only imitate; mirror and mimic, is all that he can do. You have rightly described the counterfeit, yet you do not recognize the real, and that makes you a spiritual…well, you get the picture.

God inhabits the bodies of believers and renews their spirit; this gives them the ability to do everything that Jesus did in His life.

[link] -Father of Lies

The Devil, cannot do that because he is not omnipotent, nor omnipresent; instead, he has devised a method of empowering his “children” or Inheritance with angelic power, that gives his people the ability of a “god” to fulfill his promise to Eve, “…ye shall be as gods”.


The Devil cannot create in the sense of coming up with something new that has never been seen or done before, he can however copy that which is already been created. He is one of the Most powerful creatures God ever created…He is a Cherub. And there are only six of them in existence.
He is attempting to be “like the Most High”, and everything he does has this in mind. He has one single goal, to try to usurp the throne of God.
Here is the important thing that you have to keep in mind about the “powers of darkness”; They get their power or energy from the darkness itself. Satan is called in scripture, “The father of lies”, and this is a big hint as to what Satan hopes to do in concealing his activity. His energy is created by keeping it hidden or covered up in the darkness, once the darkness has been dispelled by the light of truth, then the darkness looses it’s “energy”.

The elite, those at the very top of the pyramid, know that Satan exists as a real entity. But, those at the top protect their knowledge, for in the occult, knowledge is power, and once that power is lost, it can never be re-gained.

A lot of churches split because people centered their lives around a person and not Christ. I do not want that same thing to happen here. Do not center your life around me, only Christ. My hope is that you would take this information and develop your own spiritual senses and learn how to discern on your own, and not be dependent upon the opinion of a man.

Nothing is more exciting than when you begin to hear from the Lord yourself, and I would not want to deny you the opportunity of experiencing that wonderful act of maturity in your life. Then, when you have heard from Him, you can then develop a course of action that will be based upon the confidence that you have heard from the Lord, and not the opinion of a man.

Can, an evil cursed generation come to Christ and be redeemed? Yes I believe that it is possible.


Do I believe that it is probable that any Nephilim would leave the power of witchcraft, and die to themselves and their natural abilities and trust wholly on Jesus Christ to save them? Under no circumstances do I believe that this would ever happen at this time. And here is why…

The Nephilim do not understand humility or repentance. These are all symptoms of weakness according to them. They would never let their guard down to do anything as weak and pathetic as humble themselves or to repent.

All the Nephilim understand is power. That is all they understand, and unless they can see a Christian with more power than any of their leaders, they will under no circumstances come to Jesus Christ.

The harvest of the tares is close at hand, and they are going to be taken out each and every one…children too. This great harvest will prepare the world for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit…the latter rain of the Holy Spirit, the greatest revival in the history of mankind.
Discernment will warn you that something is “not quite right” when your mind says that everything is suppose to be normal. But we have to learn to listen to those “red flags” that spring up in our spirit. They are the first warning system of the spirit to let us know that we are in danger.

And, your mind will continue to try to convince you that everything is normal, even when it isn’t. That is how spiritual discernment works. And it is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. Going back to what I said about light coming in and exposing the darkness when we have been spiritually blinded by some form of witchcraft, at first, it comes in like a trickle, then a flow, and finally like a flood of truth that destroys the very foundation of the lies of darkness that hold us captive to it’s false sense of reality.


Most Christians today are malnourished when it comes to being spiritually fed. The sheep are starving and there is no more “fruit on the vine” it seems.

The enemy will many times come in on storm fronts when they attack. I was attacked violently and ruthlessly for over years continually. They came in on the storm front and destroyed my body. I now must prepare to go to the hospital…(again) to get  meds to battle this demonic ailment. But one thing about demonic deadly afflictions…they heal very fast, much faster than if it was a normal thing. Satan is capable of infesting your body with many ailments.

I remembered another little quirk that Satanic infiltrators do.

They smile, with their teeth clenched.

Also, when singing songs about Jesus and how much He means to them, they will actually shake their head “NO” while singing about their love for Christ, or about His faithfulness, they will be singing, but their head will be shaking NO to indicate that they do not believe what they are singing about.

These are a few more quirks that I have observed that infiltrators do.

If you were not a threat to Satan’s Kingdom, then you would not be a target of their resistance. Praise the Lord, that now, with ammunition of how to deal with the threat, you can, the hard part is getting up the nerve to shut the door.

Developing spiritual discernment is like building up muscle…the more you exercise it, the stronger it will become. If you want to grow in wisdom in your spiritual development, you are going to be placed in situations where you will have to exercise your God given spiritual gifts.

I once read a quote from a Puritan preacher that once said, “God’s will is like an egg, that He places under Satan’s wing to hatch.”

“Glory is what occurs when faith overcomes adversity.”

The Sanctification process begins with a walk in the desert of affliction, but then brings us to the promised land where warfare is a requirement for any further movement. You are at that crossroad in your Christian life, and many others are there too. It is time to stop complaining on how big the giants are, and start taking this world for the Kingdom.

“The value of a persons opinion, is the price they have paid for it.” I knew that the road I was walking in my walk was blazing a trial, a pioneer walking into the promised land that was held by the forces of darkness. I have paid a high price for the information that you have here, but this is the reason for it, to provide counsel to those who are being afflicted by the enemy.


Now it is your turn to take back the promised land and to regain the anointing that was stolen from you. Then you can have the wisdom to pass on the glory that you have learned by overcoming the resistance that was set before you.

By getting close to us, they (witches) develop what is called “soul ties”, and it has to do with us becoming emotionally involved in their lives. They do this on purpose and they develop characters especially catered to what moves us emotionally.

There is a good chance that the enemy has done a complete psychological profile to determine what kind of person that you would most be able to “yoke with” or become emotionally involved with their life; then they develop that character so that your responses continue to draw you into their life, so that the “ties” become stronger.

The command is for us not to become yoked together with them. It is the whole purpose of a “tare” to draw close to the target, so that they can then “suck the spiritual life” from that individual, and that is exactly what she did to you. You lost your ministry, your power, your anointing. Just as Samson, yoked himself with Delilah and lost his power, so to, when we yoke ourselves to the Nephilim, they will destroy our spiritual life.

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness, and what communion hath light with darkness.” II Cor.6:14

One thing that we can depend, is that infiltrators all work from the same playbook. They do not change their tactics at all, they are all being controlled by others, and everybody works from the same playbook.


What that means, is that once you can learn the principles from which an infiltrator works, then you will be able to identify them wherever you go, because they all do the same thing. They do not think for themselves, they all have to get permission for each and every move they make, and if they want to do anything outside the “playbook” then they are disciplined by their controllers.

This puts the spiritual warrior at a great advantage. For their enemies are a bunch of mind controlled monkeys who can’t think for themselves. Praise God.

“And having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a show of them openly,(mockery) triumphing over them in it.” Col.2:15

When a Satanic infiltrator is discovered, their programming is to launch a campaign of “Lie and Deny”. In the same manner, you have launched a campaign of lie and deny, and then proudly state that there is nothing that I can do that can change your situation. One thing that I love about my enemies is they always under estimate the ability that a true servant of the Lord can do.

All Satanism and all forms of witchcraft are based upon three main characteristics that if learned, can allow you to uncover any manner of Satanic infiltration or activity.

Those three main tactics are :
1. Intimidation: Just like the Mafia, those who are satanic and have been trained and programmed by satanist know that this is an important tool in their struggle, especially when they must do “damage control” and people are uncovering the truth about their activities. They use intimidation to assert their dominance over a person or group of people. They will use many different mind control devices to intimidate others against a target, the most used, is that of calling the target “Crazy or delusional”. This was done early when UFO’s were being spotted in the skies. To cover up the activities of TPTB, they would launch a campaign of intimidation that would include accusing the person a crazy individual who wasn’t right mentally. Because nobody wants to be associated with a delusional maniac, this became so effective at damage control it then became the primary means of damage control and trying to suppress the truth. Even now, the truth movement must deal with this kind of Satanic activity to try to awaken people to the truth.

2. Manipulation: The second most predominant feature of Satanic training and programming is that of manipulation. This is done in the setting of a Church by using music, and swaying of members in front, to produce a post hypnotic state for which to “prepare” for the impartation of said spiritual meat, which then becomes a means of passivity that opens the doors to demonic activity and oppression. Targeted groups or people are often the victims of severe manipulation of facts and of circumstances to hide or suppress the truth in any given act of witchcraft or satanism. All forms of magick, whether black or white needs a lie to hold the person captive to their spells and incantations. One knows that the government continually lies to it’s people, the reason is that those in great power and leadership are in the business of setting up their NWO through the use of black magick. To effectively hold the target, which in this case is the world’s population in their spell, they need the public to believe their lies. As soon as the lie is uncovered, then the spell is broken and then “damage control” is assigned to their assets to use all forms of manipulation of facts to re-initialize the spell through covering up the facts. Truth is also manipulated by mis-direction. This is used in stage magic too, an audience is mis-directed, so that the real problem, which in this case could be the truth of a matter, so that the real issues are put on hold, while the target wastes all their time trying to defend themselves from the manipulation of facts.

3.Domination: The final stage of their tree tier plan is finally to dominate the real facts and then take over the entire discussion, after the public is mis-directed, mind controlled and intimidated to their spell, then the final nail in the coffin is to dominate the situation for future “damage control”. This is done in Churches by taking over the leadership of the church. In the early church era when the power of God swept away all the lies of the Pagan stronghold on the public and the entire world was being turned upside down by Christianity, the Pagan priesthood devised a plan to dominate their target by infiltration and domination. The term “false Teacher, and False prophet” shows that it wasn’t enough just to infiltrate the general church body, they targeted the leadership that delegated the main teaching body of the Church. Prophets and Teachers were the main authority in the body of believers back when the actual pastor used most of their time dedicated to prayer and ministry of the Word.


When dealing with Satanic assets that are assigned to do “damage control” of the truth, such as has been given here, these three tactics will be employed without mercy. They are desperate so they will Intimidate, the general public with charges of being crazy, with accusation that don’t apply , with mis-direction, and with finally domination where they are dominating the entire conversation so that no truth can get in. But what they fail to see, is that the truth set’s people free, and by becoming aware of these tactics, you will effectively eliminate their ability to place a spell over you. Once the light has exposed the darkness, the darkness can never regain it’s foothold. Praise the Lord, We WIN.

I use the term “Generational Satanist” inclusively, that may include Luciferians who do not accept Satan, but believe that Lucifer is the true god. There are also powerful Shaman types, that worship a planisphere of fallen angelic beings.

Remember, the Beast, has seven heads. There are seven separate yet united Satanic Kingdoms of the Beast. The Beast, which is a counterpart of the Holy Spirit, is now in a dimensional prison called the Bottomless pit. And this spiritual warfare that I am in is helping to gather up the Nephilim evil spirits and sealing them into this Bottomless pit to be held there.

The keys to this prison will eventually be used by Lucifer to release these evil spirits at God’s appointed time, but for now, the Harvest is in the gathering of them up and preparing for the Great final “latter rain” prophecy of Joel.

To every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. spiritual symbols many times have two meanings, and a mirror image looks exactly like one thing, but in fact, is a complete and perfect opposite.

If evil spirits and forces want to harm you – how are they successful?

They use the higher realms to work all manner of what is known as magick. While they enter this realm, they are completely invisible to us, and their power and influence over this world is greatly increased.

Just as Satan gained permission to harm Job, so the enemy has gained permission to do certain things to me, yet, I also have been able to take everything they have done to me, and multiply it back upon them to destroy them with it. Sometimes they have to hurt me a bit for me to get the “weapon” of theirs to destroy them with their own magick.


There are many levels of authority of spiritual forces and Satan’s kingdom is divided into a hierarchy. On the bottom of this ladder, are the Nephilim evil spirits. They are known in scripture as “the rulers of the darkness of this world.” (Eph. 6:12) Some, are more responsive to what the Lord dictates to them, others are more rebellious and do not respond to the Lord, or His wishes.

Do you suggest that it is an illusion that we are all protected under that umbrella that we ask for?

Only those who are truly “Born again” have any spiritual authority over the forces of evil, all others are susceptible to their whims and have no umbrella of protection no matter how sincerely they ask for it.

We know that they have no spiritual grounds to us – so how DO they get to you?

They come against me on the basis of rebellion against the authority that I have over them. That is why they always loose when trying to engage me in spiritual warfare.

I mean to say – can they or can’t they hurt us even if we ask for the hedges of protection and bring to no effect any and all demonic forces?

They only have the ability to do what the Lord allows them to do , although they believe they have the power over life and death. They have had the ability to hurt me physically, yes, but they do not have the ability to take my life.


But these are things that spiritual warriors have to deal with. Spiritual warfare is something that is a calling, in which the Lord trains them by His Holy Spirit and His Word.

1. A Soul tie is used to “hook” you into a web of deceit that a witch, wizard, or any practitioner of the occult, will use to get you involved with their life. It is used as a means to control you. They accomplish this two ways, by giving of gifts, that connen in question. Then to fully assure the soul tie is broken, all items given as gifts, from that individual in question, must also be destroyed or thrown away to frect you to them, and by taking up a large portion of your time, and energy.
The breaking of “soul ties” begins with breaking off the relationship with the persoe you from any residual occult connection to their spells or incantations.

2. Nephilim, are a secondary race of mankind, that are constantly in conflict with the pure humans for domination of the Earth. In Genesis 3:15 we see that God has placed emnity between the Nephilim race of mankind and the human race of mankind. Then He ordained that the Nephilim should serve the human race, hence the term to “lick the dust” a symbol of obedient servitude.
The Nephilim are the generational Satanist, they are raised as deceivers and liars being taught to master the occult and magick and to use their given supernatural powers to control the people and situations around them. They will infiltrate all areas of life, and concentrate on those areas that give them control or leadership over their human counterparts. They live among us and are unable to tell them apart from a pure human other than their tactics, their programming, and their activities of infiltration. When the Nephilim die, they do not get placed into the dimensional gates of Hades (the grave) but are allowed to wander the earth, and “possess” people or other living things, they become “evil spirits” they become a spiritual parasite that must leech from others to satisfy their lust.
Before the return of Jesus Christ, the Nephilim will be subdued, and be made the “footstool” of Christ, another symbol of servitude. They can also be identified by the negative Rh factor of the blood.
The Nephilim can be saved, and are illustrated and are identified symbolically as the “Gentiles”. Some famous Biblical Nephilim, are Herod, The leader of the Sanhedrian and many of the Pharisees, (also called a “generation of vipers”), and Judas Iscariot was Nephilim (“have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a Devil”)


The Nephilim are the result of relations between a human and a fallen angel, however, the condition effects each and every subsequent generation. Some believe the formula goes like this:

Human+ fallen angel= Nephilim

But in reality it goes like this:

Human+Fallen angel= Nephilim…..through each generation.

So the Nephilim today could be the result of a union that occurred hundreds and maybe thousands of years ago. However, most Nephilim today are Generational Satanist and were raised, programmed, and indoctrinated into the Illuminati through their bloodline family.

Spiritual Power and authority, is over all the enemies of God. This was accomplished by way of the Cross of Christ who after death rose from the grave and ascended far above all principalities and powers, and gave that power and authority to all His people that He has covenant with.

It is that power and that authority that allows us as believers to be over-comers and to overcome the world that seeks to have dominion over us. It also gives us power and authority over sin, that enables us to live a holy and righteous life, drawing from the endless Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who enables His chosen to live Holy unto Him.



God is here. GOD is now. GOD is!

Polar opposites are a part of life but they being with us.

The evil spirits live to cause evil, pain and suffering. They will do anything they possibly can to accomplish these things. They only know war! They prowl constantly upon the earth seeking to ruin our souls, to cause despair and ultimately to drag us to hell!


Surrender is not an option!


Evil spirits love it when:

arrw03_01c.gifYou drink spirits (alcohol)

arrw03_01c.gifYou argue with another

arrw03_01c.gifYou lost faith

arrw03_01c.gifYou lose hope

arrw03_01c.gifYou hate anything (anyone)

arrw03_01c.gifYou think evil thoughts

arrw03_01c.gifYou cause someone harm

arrw03_01c.gifYour sad

arrw03_01c.gifYour in pain

arrw03_01c.gifYou suffer

arrw03_01c.gifYou tremble with fear (afraid)

arrw03_01c.gifYou fail at anything

arrw03_01c.gifYou swear (bad words)

arrw03_01c.gifWant to die

arrw03_01c.gifYour weak

arrw03_01c.gifYour abused

arrw03_01c.gifYou condemn another

arrw03_01c.gifYour tempted

Also, those who have ever engaged in dark practices such as demonic worship, invoking and calling upon the dead (thru Ouija boards, medium and psychic practices etc) the occult, dark forms of witchcraft and Wicca, black magic etc. MUST RENOUNCE THESE PAST PRACTICES before GOD and sincerely repent and ask for forgiveness for having engaged in them. Such practices offend GOD and open a portal to the demonic, and therefore the portal must be closed through sincere repentance and the desire for the mercy and forgiveness of GOD.

GOD produces good even out of evil. So, HE will even go so far as to use demons to HIS benefit. Sounds strange but it’s true. When satan entered Judas and went on to betray Jesus Christ, then Jesus Christ was captured, tortured, and was sacrificed in a torturous death. But, the death of the Son of GOD, although it was an act of pure evil, a victory for satan and the demons? No! -in fact it was satan’s defeat, because through Jesus’ death, we were forgiven of our sins, if we desire to be. So, we readily see how GOD can and does transform evil into good.


Evil spirits hate it when:

arrw03_09c.gifYou pray to GOD

arrw03_09c.gifYou quote Scripture

arrw03_09c.gifYou have faith

arrw03_09c.gifYou have hope

arrw03_09c.gifYou love

arrw03_09c.gifYour happy

arrw03_09c.gifYour at peace (calm)

arrw03_09c.gifYou feel blessed

arrw03_09c.gifYour strong


Pray and fasting is the primary weapons to be utilized when battling with demons, and to rid one (self) of evil spirits. This is important. This cannot be emphasized enough!
Prayer unites us with GOD, and draws HIM closer to us. We are the only reason there is a disconnect. GOD is always there. GOD alone can free us of demonic presences.

Another weapon is fasting. Jesus mentions this in the Bible. But, when fighting the evil dark spirits, what most people fail to remember is the spirit must accompany fasting! We fast from food in a spirit of sacrifice in reparation for our sins. Our sins can and do separate us from GOD.
So, firstly we pray. Then, we fast. And these are the primary recourse against evil spirits. Did you know there is not a demon which exists that can separate us from GOD if we are closely connected? We are then in a state of Grace. The Grace of GOD.


Strict fasting normally consists of bread and water for breakfast and lunch, with a normal meal for supper.
A more “loose” approach is two light meals for breakfast and lunch, and a normal meal for supper.
The most important thing while fasting is prayer, which unites our actions (fasting) and our spirits with God.


YOU MUST FAST FROM ALL FORMS OF EVIL…every form of evil is a portal to the devil : sex, drugs, gossip, cursing, lust thoughts, envy, lying, greed or unforgiving thoughts, alcohol, hate, smoking, laziness, etc.
Because you flesh is weak and we need prayer, fasting, meditation, saying (or thinking) Bible verses when tempted.
Reading the word of GOD as much as possible, controlling your words for you mouth speaks life & death.
Control your actions…don’t do anything to hurt anyone.
CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS….thinking can be bad as doing.
clock1-c.gifDaily routine which includes GOD time.


Love is..
1 Corinthians 13:
2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.
3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.
4 Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
5 Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;
6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;
7 Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
8 Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.
9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.
11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.


Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.
For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.
When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.
For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Thessalonians 1:3
Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father;


The Devil is like a dog on a chain, he can only go as far as GOD lets him!