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For hundreds of years, from all around the world, these stories hold true, of legends of these creatures from underground. What is it about the underground that brings such horrific creatures and odd stories? What secrets do the underground world hold? These are not your typical ‘ghosts’…opps, I mean demons!

First, I will place the information gathered from sources about these creatures, then I will elaborate on my finding.

The Knocker, Knacker, Bwca (Welsh), Bucca (Cornish), Nuggies, Spriggans, and Tommyknockers is a ‘mythical’ creature in Welsh, Cornish and Devon folklore. They are equivalent to Irish Leprechauns and English and Scottish brownies. About two feet tall and grizzled, but misshaped, they live beneath the ground. Here they wear tiny versions of standard miner’s garb and commit random mischief, such as stealing miners’ unattended tools and food.

Their names come from the knocking on the mine walls that happens just before cave-ins-actually the creaking of earth and timbers before the giving way. To some of the miners, the knockers were malevolent spirits and the knocking was the sound of them hammering at walls and supports to cause the cave-in. To others, who saw them as essentially well-meaning practical jokers, the knocking was their way of warning the miners that a life-threatening collapse was imminent.


According to some Cornish folklore, the Knockers were the helpful spirits of people who had died in previous accidents in the many tin mines in the county, warning the miners of impending danger. To give thanks for the warnings, and to avoid future peril, the miners cast the last bite of their tasty pasties into the mines for the Knockers.

In the 1820s, immigrant Welsh miners brought tales of the knockers and their theft of unwatched items and warning knocks to western Pennsylvania, when they gravitated there to work in the mines. Cornish miners, much sought after in the years following the 1848 gold rush, brought them to California. When asked if they had relatives back in Cornwall who would come to work the mines, the Cornish miners always said something along the lines of “Well, me cousin Jack over in Cornwall wouldst come, could ye pay ’is boat ride”, and so came to be called Cousin Jacks. The Cousin Jacks, as notorious for losing tools as they were for diving out of shafts just before they collapsed, attributed this to their diminutive friends and refused to enter new mines until assured by the management that the knockers were already on duty. Belief in the knockers remained well into the 20th century. When one large mine closed in 1956 and the owners sealed the entrance, fourth, fifth, and sixth generation Cousin Jacks circulated a petition calling on the mine-owners to set the knockers free so that they could move on to other mines. The owners complied.

Knocker also appeared as a name for the same phenomena, in the folklore of Staffordshire miners.


{*This is very interesting in that miners would not enter into the mines until the management assured them that the TommyKnockers were already ON DUTY. Contrary to that, in the new series ‘Ghost Mine’, the man named Richard (Duck) said that we wouldn’t return because of their presence. Richard (Duck) also said, “I’ve listened to the Old Miner’s when they say, ‘You pay attention to what you hear or see underground’.” I find this very intriguing because of what I’ve learned from the ‘legends’ of the Nephilim which eventually went underground. It’s no wise tale. It’s the truth! Some of the things connect to these legends such as; Superstition: Red Hair! Red hair are connected to the giants/Nephilim. They are said to be red-headed. Secondly: Women! Why aren’t women allowed underground. The old miners’ say it’s ‘bad luck’. I think this is because they couldn’t defend themselves as well from these underground spirits. And they began turning up missing. Let’s research this some more!!
Of course, we have the gender based discrimination but what else? You can’t tell me women had it easier! They did so much back then. It was determined that 30% of all miners were women! Of course this figure was less on other countries. Women were called, “Cousin Jennies”.
Luck played a big part in mining. Although we know ‘luck’ comes from the origin of ‘Lucifer’, they didn’t. But, this superstition played a huge part.
Red-haired women in a mine was a double-whammy! Perhaps it was that women who came to the mines were historically there because of a tragedy, and looking for a loved one. Red-haired women were considered an omen of death, and I suppose it was for this reason.
Some speak of these Knockers in the Kobold Mines, tell of malicious spirits. In the late 19th Century, the Mamie R. Mine, in Cripple Creek, Colorado, was supposedly haunted by malicious TommyKnockers that lured miners in, then proceeded to jump up and down on beams until they collapsed upon the men. They were also blamed for snapping cables, and premature blasts; they were heard snickering at the miners as they did their evil deeds.
Get this! In Cornwall, they were considered to be the ghosts of Jews who worked in the mines. Some stories state that these Jew were sent by the Romans to work in the mines as a form of punishment-for the death of Jesus Christ. It is said that the Knockers cannot tolerate the sign of the cross, so miners avoided making anything with a cross or X.
It is stated that whistling offended the spirits, and this is curiously strange. I wonder why?

Quartz acts as a natural battery for paranormal activity and this is what the miners look for to find gold!  *}


A brownie/brounie or urisk (Lowland Scots) or brùnaidh, ùruisg, or gruagach (Scottish Gaelic) is a legendary creature popular in folklore around Scotland and England (especially the north, though more commonly hobs have this role). It is the Scottish and Northern English counterpart of the Scandinavian tomte, the Slavic domovoi and the German Heinzelmännchen.
In folklore, a brownie resembles the hob, similar to a hobgoblin. Brownies are said to inhabit houses and aid in tasks around the house. However, they do not like to be seen and will only work at night, traditionally in exchange for small gifts of food. Among food, they especially enjoy porridge and honey. They usually abandon the house if their gifts are called payments, or if the owners of the house misuse them. Brownies make their homes in an unused part of the house.
Folklorist John Gregorson Campbell distinguishes between the English brownie, which lived in houses, and the Scottish ùruisg or urisk, which lived outside in streams and waterfalls and was less likely to offer domestic help. The ùruisg enjoyed solitude at certain seasons of the year. Around the end of the harvest, he became more sociable, and hovered around farmyards, stables and cattle-houses. He particularly enjoyed dairy products, and tended to intrude on milkmaids, who made regular libations of milk or cream to charm him off, or to gain his favor. He was usually seen only by those who possessed second sight, though there were instances when he made himself visible to ordinary people as well. He is said to have been jolly and personable, with flowing yellow hair, wearing a broad blue bonnet and carrying a long walking staff.

Every manor house had its ùruisg, and in the kitchen, close by the fire was a seat, which was left unoccupied for him. One house on the banks of the River Tay was even until the beginning of the twentieth century believed to have been haunted by such a sprite, and one room in the house was for centuries called “Seòmar Bhrùnaidh” (Brownie’s room).
In 1703, John Brand wrote in his description of Shetland (which he called “Zetland”) that:
“Not above forty or fifty years ago, every family had a brownie, or evil spirit, so called, which served them, to which they gave a sacrifice for his service; as when they churned their milk, they took a part thereof, and sprinkled every corner of the house with it, for Brownie’s use; likewise, when they brewed, they had a stone which they called ‘Brownie’s stane’, wherein there was a little hole into which they poured some wort for a sacrifice to Brownie. They also had some stacks of corn, which they called Brownie’s Stacks, which, though they were not bound with straw ropes, or in any way fenced as other stacks used to be, yet the greatest storm of wind was not able to blow away straw off them.”
Brownies seldom spoke with humans, but they held frequent and affectionate conversations with one another. They had general assemblies as well, usually held on a remote, rocky shore. In a certain district of the Scottish Highlands, “Peallaidh an Spùit” (Peallaidh of the Spout), “Stochdail a’ Chùirt”, and “Brùnaidh an Easain” (Brownie of the little waterfall) were names of note at those congresses. According to Scottish toponymist William J. Watson, every stream in Breadalbane had an ùruisg once, and their king was Peallaidh. (Peallaidh’s name is preserved in “Obair Pheallaidh”, known in English as “Aberfeldy”.) It may be the case, that ùruisg was conflated with some water sprite, or that ùruisg were originally water sprites conflated with brownies.

{*I find it really convincing that the ‘Brownies’ lived in streams and behind waterfalls considering the City in the Sea which inhabits many DEMONS and spirits of all hierarchy in the evil supernatural world.
These creatures are known to ‘haunt’ homes as well as the underground, but again we have these creatures ‘haunting’ the water. Every stream contained a spirit? Wow, that’s some huge numbers! *}


Regional variants
Anglo-Scottish Border folklore also included a figure, “Billy Blind” or “Billy Blin”, much like the brownie, but mentioned only in ballads. A hob came from the Scottish Borders and north of England, while the lubber fiend, lob or lob lie-by-the-fire was a variant from England.
The Killmoulis was a similar creature which inhabited mills. Its distinguishing feature was that its face was made up of a huge nose and no mouth.
The fenodyree is a folkloric fairy from the Isle of Man with similar attributes to the brownie.
Jack o’ the bowl is a Swiss folkloric fairy.

A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous creature; a grotesquely evil or evil-like phantom.
They are attributed with various (sometimes conflicting) abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin. In some cases, goblins have been classified as constantly annoying little creatures somewhat related to the brownie and gnome. They are usually depicted as small, sometimes only a few inches tall, sometimes the size of a dwarf. They also often are said to possess various magical abilities. They are also very greedy and love money.


gnome /ˈnoʊm/ is a diminutive spirit in Renaissance magic and alchemy, first introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th Century and later adopted by more recent authors including those of modern fantasy literature. Its characteristics have been reinterpreted to suit the needs of various story-tellers, but it is typically said to be a small, humanoid creature that lives underground.
The word comes from Renaissance Latin gnomus, which first appears in the works of 16th century Swiss alchemist Paracelsus. He is perhaps deriving the term from Latin gēnomos (itself representing a Greek γη-νομος, literally “earth-dweller”). In this case, the omission of the ē is, as the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) calls it, a blunder. Alternatively, the term may be an original invention of Paracelsus.
Paracelsus uses Gnomi as a synonym of Pygmæi, and classifies them as earth elementals. He describes them as two spans high, very reluctant to interact with humans, and able to move through solid earth as easily as humans move through air.
The chthonic, or earth-dwelling, spirit has precedents in numerous ancient and medieval mythologies, often guarding mines and precious underground treasures, notably in the Germanic dwarves and the Greek Chalybes, Telchines or Dactyls.
In Romanticism and modern fairy tales
The English word is attested from the early 18th century. Gnomes are used in Alexander Pope’s “The Rape of the Lock”. The creatures from this mock-epic are small, celestial creatures which were prudish women in their past-lives, and now spend all of eternity looking out for prudish women (in parallel to the guardian angels in Catholic belief). Other uses of the term gnome remain obscure until the early 19th century, when it is taken up by authors of Romanticist collections of fairy tales and becomes mostly synonymous with the older word goblin.
In 19th century fiction, the chthonic gnome became a sort of antithesis to the more airy or luminous fairy. Nathaniel Hawthorne in Twice-Told Tales (1837) contrasts the two in “Small enough to be king of the fairies, and ugly enough to be king of the gnomes” (cited after OED). Similarly, gnomes are contrasted to elves, as in William Cullen Bryant’s Little People of the Snow (1877), which has “let us have a tale of elves that ride by night, with jingling reins, or gnomes of the mine” (cited after OED).
One of the first movements in Mussorgsky’s 1874 work Pictures at an Exhibition, named “Gnomus” (Latin for “The Gnome”), is written to sound as if a gnome is moving about, his movements constantly changing in speed.
Franz Hartmann in 1895 satirized materialism in an allegorical tale entitled Unter den Gnomen im Untersberg. The English translation appeared in 1896 as Among the Gnomes: An Occult Tale of Adventure in the Untersberg. In this story, the Gnomes are still clearly subterranean creatures, guarding treasures of gold within the Untersberg mountain.
As a figure of 19th century fairy tales, the term gnome by the 20th century became largely synonymous with other terms for the “little people”, such as goblin, brownie, kobold, leprechaun, Heinzelmännchen and other instances of the “domestic spirit” type, losing its strict association with earth or the underground world.


{* This one is a dooooooosie! Magic and alchemy go hand in hand. The Renaissance magic, alchemy and astrology are the three occult Hermitic sciences. All three being interconnected. For the Renaissance philosopher magic was a spiritual science which, like the Cosmos itself, was arranged in a triple hierarchy: material, celestial, and divine. Natural magic is reliant on elements and occult properties of material objects and required a knowledge of natural philosophy. Celestial magic relies on the spiritual connections and causality imposed by the Zodiacal powers and required a knowledge of mathematics (for calculation) and astrology.
Don’t get confused-this is all alchemy. MAGICK! Occult magick.  Example being: Astrological magic consists of two divisions. The first uses astrology to elect times for magical ceremonies, ritual and actions and is therefore a branch of electional astrology.
If your still confused think of the false flag events and how they use dates and times for these things to happen. This also applies to births, especially of the Royal lineage. This is also how witches/warlocks perform their rituals, with numbers and dates…Witches Sabbath, solstices, All Hallow’s Eve, etc.
Did you know: Paracelsus, alchemists, and related movements, such as ROSICRUCIANISM, continue to speak of sylphs in their hermetic literature.
Did you know: The ancient Greeks knew water nymphs guarded the fresh water bodies for the gods.


Connections to the Underground
On page 175 of Alien Identities, Dr. Richard L Thompson ( ) relates an underground abduction case where the underground base was accessed through the sea by UFO:
“ On the evening of January 3, 1979, Cardenas, his friend Fernando Marti, and Marti’s wife and 13 year old daughter were driving around on the outskirts of Hialeah, looking for a pig they could buy for a roast. They were unsuccessful, and on the way home their car engine quit.

The two men testified that the lights and starter wouldn’t work, and so they got out and began to look under the hood. At this point, they suddenly saw red and violet alternating lights reflecting off the engine and heard a sound like ‘many bees.’ … Filiberto felt paralyzed, and he began to rise in the air shouting “ Don’t take me, don’t take me.” Later he recounted a strange and elaborate story that began when he awoke to find himself sitting, paralyzed, in the presence of a robot-like being and two men in tight-fitting suits. … Filiberto said the alien beings looked quite human. They had elongated eyes with eyelashes, small flattened noses, long lipless mouths, and light beards. They also wore a symbol on the right of their chests, consisting of a serpent on a lazy X.

The story becomes even more extraordinary: The beings proceeded to take Filiberto to an underground base, traveling beneath the sea at high speed through a tunnel of “ firmed water “ that seemed to open in front of the craft so that water did not touch it. At the base, he met a human who was working with the aliens, and he was led through what seemed like a city.”

Dr. Thompson goes on to relate that Filiberto had several experiences while in this underground base accessed through the sea, some of them biological, some of them suggestive of mind control, then he was finally dropped of again on the surface.

And here is another account of an underground UFO abduction: “When hypnosis was used to probe her 1967 abduction, Betty Andreason (Alien Identities, page 201) recalled being taken in a UFO through a tunnel bored through solid rock. This tunnel led through a strange landscape with a view of an ocean, a distant city and a pyramid surrounded by an ‘Egyptian head’ She was conducted by two entities along an elevated track to a place where she saw a vivid enactment of the Egyptian myth of the Phoenix, a giant bird that consumes itself with fire and is then resurrected from the ashes.”

What is important for the reader to consider is that the other realms to which the elves, gnomes, wee folk and the like take their abductees are underground, or accessed from points underground. Some definitions from the essay Deep Dwellers by Mike Mott expound on this. The reader may note that these underground worlds are not synonymous with the hollow portion of the Earth, nor are any of the underground worlds mentioned in this essay. Rather, they relate to some inner crust existence.

Mike Mott: “ their subterranean countries were Alfheim, a land of eternal twilight, and home to the unpredictable but often mild-tempered elf-folk; and Svartalfheim, the kingdom of the dark elves or dwarves, a stunted, hairy, unfriendly race which was nevertheless quite clever in terms of technological skills. Nidvellir was another kingdom of the dwarves, perhaps not as negatively-disposed toward humanity as those of Svartalfheim. Muspelheim, land of the fire-giants, was also reached via Yggdrasil, but was separated from all other reaches by the width of the great vastness of Ginnungagap. Muspelheim was located in the far southern reaches of the underworld realms.”

Final Thoughts
People describe being underground with these kinds of presences as ‘able to think but not able to act on it’…this sounds dangerous! Sounds Demonic! When the miners use dynamite for explosions, the activity seems to increase, much like a house under renovations-‘ghosts’ come out of the woodwork! Sound familiar?

THE PAST HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE FUTURE!! I believe some of these creatures were conjured up by these secret societies for the purpose of guarding their gold, but little did they know these creatures actually guarded it for their gods!



You would expect you hear of strange legends surrounding broken down, abandoned homes which have tales of being haunted or even cemetery legends and such but what about underwater legends?
Well, it seems being off land is just as odd and being on!
The first thing I thought of was old ships, or should I say sunken ships but for each ship which is surrounded by strange legends, so are underwater caves, or how about really deep waters. You know our earth is covered with almost ¾ water and most of it is uncharted due to its depth.
I recently learned of deep underwater spirits because of the Deepwater Horizon when the BP disaster occurred….and then I read up on Pat Holliday’s research called, “A City Under the Sea” which just blew my mind!


Just as there is the Spirits of Dryness, there is also the Spirits of Water. They affect areas along the coasts and lakes, even deep within the seas. Water spirits can travel with you if they get the opportunity.
Water spirits can act like familiar spirits, such as ‘becoming your friend’ as with a small child. The child will become attached with a doll and cannot go anywhere without this doll. This is an attachment.
But typically with water spirits, they eventually want to go back into the water where they reside. They love to go places and travel with you, attach themselves to people, places, and things but then they want to go ‘home’ again. So, they will wait for someone to carry them. Many spirits will travel this way. You must remember most spirits are earthbound and only the hierarchy of the supernatural dark spirits can travel through the air. These are most likely what the Bible calls ‘powers and principalities’.
In ancient history, ministers and priests would Baptize someone in the rivers and lakes. This was commonplace and we even read of Jesus being baptized by John in a river. He came to the Jordan River and was baptized ‘with the Holy Spirit and with fire‘. (Luke 3:!6). Why don’t we hear of these kinds of events anymore? I believe it’s because the water spirits tried taking over these ceremonies and stop the process. Make sense? During the researching of this article, I read of many stories where people would be standing around water and literally be pulled down to the bottom to be drown by these water spirits. Not only that but when the presence of these evil spirits were around the person was possessed by them and later would try to swim and they would become like stone and sink to the bottom, not being able to float. Evil spirits will do anything to prevent someone from receiving the Holy Spirit of GOD.
With these experiences, I learned so much about underwater entities. Just as with so-called ‘haunting’ on land, we have people who believe that the spirits which are in the waters are those who had died horrible deaths and live on in their spirit, as if they are not able to move on.


In this next section, it is written by a witch. You will notice that they acknowledge the Watchers and who they were. They also direct their works, even having this knowledge.
The Watchers
In the early stellar cults, there were four “royal” stars (known as lords) which were called the Watchers. Each one of these stars “ruled” over one of the four cardinal points. The star Aldebaran, when it marked the Vernal Equinox, held the position of Watcher of the East. Regulus, marking the Summer Solstice, was Watcher of the south. Antares, marking the Autumn Equinox, was the Watcher of the west. Fomalhaut, marking the Winter Solstice, was Watcher of the north. Towers were constructed, bearing the symbols of these Watchers, for the purpose of evocation. During the “rites of calling” symbolic gestures were given and the names of the Watchers were called out. In the stellar mythos, the Watchers themselves were deities who guard the Heavens and the Earth. Their nature (and “rank”) was altered by the successive Lunar and Solar cults, which replaced the Stellar Cults. Eventually the Greeks reduced them to Gods of the four winds, and the Christians made them principalities of the air. Their connection with the stars was vaguely preserved among the populace, in the concept of Angels.
In the Italian system, these ancient Beings are called the Grigori. They are the Guardians of the “doorways” between the physical plane and that which is beyond. In Italian witchlore, the stars were thought to be the campfires of the legions of the Watchers (there were other stellar associations as well). In the 16th Century, the French theologian Sinistrari spoke of Beings existing between “men and angels”. He called them demons, and associated them with the Elemental natures of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This, however, was not a new concept, but was taught by certain Gnostic sects in the early days of Christianity. In the Old Testament (Daniel 4: 13-17) there is reference to the Irin, or Watcher, which appear to be an order of angels. In his book DICTIONARY OF ANGELS, Gustav Davidson lists the Watchers as a high order of angels, known also as the Grigori. In Rabbinic lore, the “good” Watchers dwell in the 5th Heaven, and the “evil” Watchers dwell in the 3rd.
In Aridian lore, the Watchers guard our circle and watch over us. They assist us in our spiritual growth, and “escort” us to the next realm, when we cross from physical life. We acknowledge them as Guardians of the entrances and exists, to and from the worlds which connect with the physical plane. We also know them as the Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom, and guardians of the Art. They are Clan Guardian spirits, known as The Old Ones. They are also pre-Christian and pre-Gardnerian.


Sea Spells
Witches have long used the powers and forces within the sea, for the purpose of magic. The Sea is so deeply connected to the cycles of the Moon, that the aspect of Sea Magic cannot be overlooked. Janarric witches, in the central coastal region of Italy, long ago devised a system of symbols which they used in the casting of spells. These symbols were placed upon sea shells, in a circular manner around the edge of the shell. The shell was then set near the water, at the appropriate Tide (lunar phase), so that the Sea Powers would receive the spell, and grant it success.
Many times, offerings were left upon the shore, for the deities, to invoke Their favor. These offerings included white flowers, pearls, white pebbles, etc. END
So, you see…the witches know who satan is. They know because they conjure up the demons of his lair. They even use water to cast their spells.
There are actual paranormal teams which investigate ‘underwater’ paranormal activity, and it’s not surprising that the wicked demons of the supernatural have them fooled into believing the same is true below the surface of the waters in this world.
Sly devils, they are.
Amazing right? Acoustic signatures are known to be sounds from different species underwater, and from the recent article here about ‘mermaids’, it’s possible that all signatures are not accounted for.
But what about spirits? How does that work?

Underwater Ghost Sound
Strange Sounds Recorded Underwater
Strange Deep Sea Noise From Japan
Underwater Cemetary
Well, obviously they have just as much power underwater and they do above.


“Destination Truth” crew has explored many underwater locations over the years. One being the Truk Lagoon, which made for strange sounds of idling engines beneath the waters and even human voices.
Other tales are those of entities so powerful that they can pull people into water and drown them. This is a terrifying thought, no doubt. But really this would take some powerful spirits to do such a thing, and why would they?
‘Ghost voices’ calling from the water would be the same as a ‘haunting’ of a house to me. It’s a disguise. To lure you into their trap!

1 Timothy 4:1 “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Most teach that when a person dies they go to a spirit world where they can be contacted by us in prayer, or by a psychic or spirit guide in a séance. Some also teach re-incarnation where the soul goes from one life to the next forever in the hopes of cultivating enough wisdom to become perfect and therefore eternal in nature. Then there are those that teach the spirit of the deceased can actually haunt people if the deceased had been wronged in some major way in their mortal life. And finally, some teach that dead saints are allowed to come back from heaven, physically appear unto us and warn us of mortal dangers if we don’t heed their Heavenly warnings and follow their advice. One of these denominations even go so far as to claim that the mother of Jesus Christ Himself appears from time to time to relay messages from heaven.
Lets go to the Bible and see what the Bible has to say about where we go when we die.

Psalms 6:3-5 My soul is also sore vexed: but thou, O LORD, how long? Return, O LORD, deliver my soul: oh save me for thy mercies’ sake. For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks?
The Psalmist is praying for deliverance to arrive before death here because he knows he won’t have the ability to remember anything from the grave, nor can he give thanks from the grave.
Psalms 115:17 The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence.
Psalms 146:4 His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish
Ecclesiastes 9:5,6 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.
In Isaiah we see that king Hezekia was sick and Isaiah told him he was about to die. The king turned his face to the wall and prayed. In his prayer he says the following…
Isaiah 38:18-19, “For the grave cannot praise thee, death can not celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth. The living, the living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known thy truth.”
It appears rather plain here. The dead seem to be just that…DEAD! They can’t remember, they can’t thank anyone, they can’t praise God, they can’t think, they can’t even dream because the verse says, “his thoughts perish.” All their abilities have perished, “the dead know not any thing.” Notice the last verse shared where it said, “…neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.” The Bible is stating that the dead can in no way take part in anything under the sun. The (RSV) Bible actually translates the above last verse like this. “…they have no more for ever any share in all that is done under the sun.”

Why do people still believe in hauntings, séances, apparitions etc? They believe it because they’re not reading in their Bibles the truth about these things.


So, who or what are these people seeing at these séances, hauntings and apparitions?

John 5:28-29, “Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.”
John 11:23,24 Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again. Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.
This means the dead will not, or cannot awaken until the last day.
Job 14:12 So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep.
Notice the word till in that verse. This means the dead will not, or cannot awaken until the last day as Martha calls it in the previous verse shared.

1Corinthians 15:20-23 But now is Christ risen from the dead, [and] become the firstfruits of them that slept. For since by man [came] death, by man [came] also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming.
According to this verse, the dead in Christ will remain in their graves awaiting the order of resurrection.

PSALM 89:48 What man [is he that] liveth, and shall not see death? shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave? Selah.

You see? It is not until Jesus MAKES us immortal on that last day will we be able to “get out” of the blunt fact that there is a grave for each of us that see death BEFORE He returns on that day. For those of you that have lost loved ones.

So what we see here that:
We die.
We sleep.
We don’t awaken until Jesus Christ calls for us.

These so-called ghosts are demons. These spirits who are making people think they are loved ones ‘stuck’ are demons! Even the underwater kind.


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A demon is a demon is a demon!

Although this is a play off Islamic names of supernatural beings and the television program, “I Dream of Jeannie”, this is a very serious subject. Hollywood dresses up demons all the time and it should be no surprise that this ‘playful’ program was occultic at its source.


Jinn-ie in a Bottle
In the movie “The Conjuring”, in the basement of the Lorraine and Ed Warren’s home, they keep all the ‘haunted’ items which they have accumulated over the years. When asked why they would keep such items, what’s more, keep them in their home? Ed’s reply was “We have a priest that comes by once a month to bless the room and the way I see it is, it’s safer for these things to be here than out there. It’s kind of like keeping guns off the street.” But why not just throw them in an incinerator? Ed replies again…”then that would only destroy the vessel. Some times it’s better to KEEP THE JENNIE IN THE BOTTLE”.


Spiritual creatures make up the largest part of GOD’S living creatures, this would be angels, demons, and of course humans.
The Arabic word Jinn means ‘hidden from sight’, and objectively means to hide or conceal. One belief that the Quran and Christian Bible’s parallel is that these the worship of Jinn is not condoned and only GOD is to be worshiped.
The Bible tells us of Solomon who was at one time a very evil man, in that he conjured demons and practiced sorcery. Again the Quran gives a parallel on this telling us:
“And before Solomon were marshaled his hosts,-of jinn and men and birds, and they were all kept in order and rank. (Quran 27:17)
I only give the reference of the Quran in this subject to reveal that many cultures believe in supernatural spirits and jinn is just one name they are referred as. This culture believes that you can conjure a jinn, and much like the television program, “I Dream of Jeannie”, it will grant you wishes but you may not like the outcome from such an experience.


Islamic belief divides sentient beings into three categories. In order of creation, they are: the angels (malayka), the hidden ones (jinn), and humankind (nas or banu adam). Angels are made out of light, jinn out of fire, men out of earth (sometimes translated as mud or clay). Angels are considered neither male nor female and have no free will. Jinn, like humans, are gendered, and have free will. (This is why, in Islamic thought, Satan is a jinn, not an angel; it would be impossible for an angel to disobey the will of God.)
I do not believe this to be the case. Angels do indeed have freewill and this is how Lucifer fell and became Satan. Not to mention another 1/3 of all the angels decided to go with him. Who knows the value of this number, it could be in the billions or perhaps trillions or more.

It is believed by some that the jinn account for much of the magic by humans, who cooperate with them enabling them to perform ‘miraculous’ feats.


Did you know:
Genie in English is derived from the Latin word GENIUS. This is not surprising because most people realize the supernatural dark side is very intelligent but GOD has them beat.

Jinn are supposedly created from ‘smokeless’ fire.

The most frequent activities associated with the Jinn is fortune-telling but also Ouija boards, and séances.


Jinn Speak of Illuminati!
This is a strange video. The ‘jinn’ speaks of the Illuminati as the ‘devil’s biggest scheme’ of all time. Interesting.

This reminds me of the movie and article I did not long ago on the Dubik Box. Reading this website which follows gives you insight into this jest of it.
Releasing the enclosed spirit of this box released demonic influences as well. A recent movie was released about just such an item. Possession is said to be a common occurrence.


This is the conventional term for a reoccurring motif in Assyrian iconography. Winged genies were bearded male figures sporting birds wings.


Talos in Greek mythology was a giant man of bronze who protected Europa from pirates and invaders by circling the island’s shores three times a day while guarding it.
In the Cretan dialect, talôs was the equivalent of the Greek hêlios, the Sun: the lexicon of Hesychius of Alexandria notes simply “Talos is the Sun”. In Crete Zeus was worshiped as Zeus Tallaios, “Solar Zeus”, absorbing the earlier god as an epithet in the familiar sequence. The god was identified with the Tallaia, a spur of the Ida range in Crete. On the coin from Phaistos he is winged; in Greek vase-paintings and Etruscan bronze mirrors he is not. The ideas of Talos vary widely, with one consistent detail: in Greek imagery outside Crete, Talos is always being vanquished: he seems to have been an enigmatic figure to the Greeks themselves.
I believe there to be truth in all Atlantis/Olympian myths, but this is subjective to the truth of GOD, not the lies of the Olympians. How does this fit into this scenario? They are demons.


Not only can these spirits possess your daily lives, but also your unconscious while you sleep. I recently had a black shadow lurking in my dreams and attacking me, physically attacking me.
It’s very obvious that Physicians and other medical/behavioral doctors are taught to distance themselves from Christian beliefs.
Sleep Paralysis!
While I do believe in bad dreams, researchers have found a way to diagnose them as a sleep disorder and have taken the spiritual context out. Calling the dreams as “hypagogic hallucinations”.
Studies have shown that 25%-50% of Americans have had ‘sleep paralysis’ at least once. Research wants us to believe that it’s all in our minds. Nothing to be worried about. It’s all our imagination. They even want you to believe that ‘alien abductions’ are the same!
The superstition of old have long believed that paralysis is caused by demons, witches, and other supernatural creatures sitting on their chests and sometimes trying to have sex with them. Often the experience is accompanied by noises like BUZZING, sensations of being dragged out of bed, flying and even difficulty breathing.

DEMONS Controlling DREAMS-It’s no surprise to some, including myself that demons can enter your dreams. They have the ability to even control them. In the case recently told on television in a couple of programs was a box…a dybbuk box. The case is pretty wild. But suffice it to say that three people who had contact with the box were having the EXACT same dream….of course it was the demon, and a really strong demon at that!


TV Shows like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch are some pretty obvious connections to the occult and magic. You see, only witches summon up spirits (which turn out to be demons). Satanic deception.


Children are the most obvious of targets for Hollywood.
Watch TV and listen to the Radio together and talk. Watch and Listen for subtle phrases that teach anything that goes against scripture. Be ready to turn to scripture to defend the faith. For example, be ready to turn to Acts 4:12 and it’s context to show that there is no name under heaven whereby men must be saved. Turn to scriptures that show witchcraft is wrong.

Don’t read unscriptural books or watch unscriptural movies like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings (both teach a false god or put another way a false lord).

Do your best to avoid things that might have a bad influence.

When attending conventions, seminars and other secular events, avoid tables with psychics or other anti-Christian teachers such as those who depend on Horoscopes to guide them.
Pray. This is worth repeating, nothing beats praying and reading the written Word. Prayer can help you with guiding you into the proper attitude. Prayer can help you walk in the Light and be led by Spirit of God, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” Eph. 6:12 (Immediate context Eph. 6:10-18)